April 18th, 2023 Livestream Rocky Desert

April 18th, 2023 Livestream

Rocky Desert


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engine it's very different, because of how things are loaded yeah and I also I don't actually play that much I kind of have this weird thing where- I'm so familiar with this game at some point also yes brand new Rocky desert hello first first look, this is an area I'm currently working in so you're gonna be able to see some in-progress stuff here like some of the LEDs of stuff is broke are broken as well but, I've been doing a lot of work here with foliage and and refining Landscaping, because this area of out of all the starting areas was the longest one ago that we've touched so it was a lot of old stuff was left here so it took quite a bit of work I remember when we were talking about the Spire Coast, that like you mentioned how the style or whatever like how when you wouldn't realizing like how to detail the map and like how to work with it but you keep going back and be like now I've improved like how to do it so now I want to go back to the old areas that were technically finished yeah, because and I feel like rocket as it was like there was like a huge contrast between like rocket as it being like one of the oldest areas like how it was made compared to like sparkles which was the newest area like crazy shiny and then like really old yeah yeah yeah, but this was an area that we didn't have too much b-roll off because, I didn't have time but also I wasn't too sure what areas were new in the rocket desert because I'm a fake fan at that time I'd only worked on some smaller parts of it now the majority of it has it into the new stuff yeah, I think one one part of this that was interesting to me when you were showing me around Hannah and this is more of just like Minor Details was like if you can go forward a little bit to that road, snoot this is gonna be really hard to give you directions so follow this road keep following keep following keep following keep following keep going keep going and stop around here just these transitions are out with these slopes here on on the right there yeah, and also, just you know just smooth that kind of things out and then there's like some small rocks that have like sand coming down off the side of them I think there's some to the left of using it and forward, yeah if you go a little further and then to the right there on your right yep right there so like you can sort of see like these little details where it's like, yes perfect so it's just kind of like the the scent the erosion from the scent kind of like reaches up a little bit to the rock face you know I don't know just like these tiny little details which won't impact things much but I think there's like a really nice attention to detail yeah exactly there was a lot of rough Landscaping in this area too like a lot of really, like sharp ridges, and kind of weird gravel and Cliff painting that was done on a landscape here which I've mostly also made much more subtle and much more kind of the transitions are much gentler now instead of kind of like that harsh cut off lines, that we've had before and most of the landscape changes that I've done here is moving it lower and smoothing it out which means that ideally it shouldn't clip into the factory but underneath instead so you know at first you have some floating stuff I hope there might be some Corners where it's a little bit more iffy but it's really it shouldn't be too bad, so one thing we talked about before the stream was this like abroads specifically and you mentioned it here on chain two that like a lot of Errors have gotten roads, that's new this is a road that didn't exist exist at all before a lot of places here a lot of the kind of things that were kind of almost roads but not quite because they were blocked in specific places or they were too narrow or things like that I've improved to to be much more suitable for vehicles and so now you can instead of there there are no dead ends anymore or at least a lot less of them and you can actually just go around the area much more smoothly than before then here's here's a shot if you guys remember this shot oh it's, when we announced signals is this exact tree there are those things the cacti have been fully reworked too oh let's do some cacti


it's got some toxic material in it we're all tripping balls now are we all Saka from everything yeah that's a Pokemon yeah it kind of looks like what's the oh what's the name of the Pokemon, is that it I can't remember I think it's Sudowoodo right it's like fourth third generation wait yeah it's Pokemon Gold right gold and silver a character always Final Fantasy that's the difference yeah right see we've got rainmakers yeah pretty sure it is Cacturne cactoon maybe it's that turn yeah wait so are these new- I don't know why but it's just funny yeah I mean there were cacti before but we did a full rework of them those are these two yeah I was gonna say like palm trees oh cool sick yeah I like that a lot of like assets kind of, oh my pride and joy that counts I don't know Hannah


someone's colors someone said before pay rise for Hannah you need to understand yeah yeah yeah balancing all things she makes it perfectly balanced amazing things and then does that yes and then I ruin it with yeah you cannot make mistakes we're gonna pay for you we've done a lot of color balancing in this area too like tweaking colors of of assets and landscape and stuff to kind of make the palette, nicer as well some people were asking yeah a few people have asked about the shore and the beaches of this area oh yeah that's stuff that I haven't touched yet so this is stuff that's still in progress and we could say that this is an area without Vistas here so you can it's kind of yeah and you can see some more flooding stuff floating Focus I don't know Hannah


for this but I think I saw someone talk about a part of the shore here that's like at the very left top corner, that had like a lot of clams and stuff that made it really hard to drive there those are have been removed and this is serious about that area yeah exactly but oh this looks very different yeah yeah and, the word the other assets there are also going to be, moved around so that it's gonna be actually, there used to be a rock here, yeah exactly a lot of deprecated assets which means other assets that aren't deprecated or floating because they were painted on top of deprecated assets those are new, like we have a new version of these that replaces the old versions of those yeah this is all stuff that's still like half done I've removed a lot of stuff here a lot of deprecated assets but I'm gonna add the new stuff later and a lot of sharp stuff does this area loop around if you drive here I'm trying to remember and you go over here this just goes oh this goes down to the yeah it's yellow enough that I can make a road there once I remove all the assets, right that would block you but yeah up here oh this goes up here for sure and then there's like the oil stuff over here right and now you're in an area that I'm working on right now this is exactly what I've promoting oh live updates yes this one's in progress oh man the Vista in the back though oh yeah like isn't that sick very nice I managed to get the planet perfectly in line through yeah, signpost Mars saying lots of content to update for blamehana.com site now well you gotta, you gotta make sure you gotta check it after it's released all right because it might get fixed before that mm-hmm right so it doesn't count unless it's live exactly, cool is anything else in this region that's interesting to show off, I mean if you go down that little Valley there, on the left, I that was full of really old Coral assets that were all deprecated, so I've removed those, and I will be replacing this with other stuff, so now this one looks a lot more empty than it was before that's luck and a lot of floating stuff because it was placed on the coral on the coral yeah yeah yeah I mean that's something I should should, tell you too because when we do World updates to an area like after that's done level comes into fixed stuff, so most likely like, kind of more the gameplay things like slugs, animals like Summer's Loop versus fears that kind of stuff will not be updated yet in this area once it goes live, because that takes, more time after I'm done and you're so very in progress and empty because we do oh yeah and this cool area that if you go through the rock on the right yeah yeah are you mean here yeah exactly this one also very different, this one had a lot of weird lasting and also old assets and I've fully converted it to be a transition area between Northern forests it used to be green which was kind of a hard sell, for a place that in a desert right oh I think this is really different actually because I've got stuff built here yeah I just realized is that Inlet different as well or am I imagining thing no no I haven't I've I've haven't changed the the shape of things here there used to be a slug on this oh someone's Heads Are Gonna Roll oh it's gone now no wait I might be misremembering actually because I think I think the one of the thingy spawn here one of the Hogs Hogs just born here yeah the the folks that are worried about their factories here it should be fine I've mostly done landscape painting and foliage to work here so if you have a chainsaw you're gonna be A-Okay I've done some landscape sculpting as well in kind of the higher up area mainly but it's all essentially been like lowering landscape so it should all be good I can never fully predict what's gonna happen here and I haven't done stuff up here yet but only down wait isn't there a iron thingy up here somewhere there it is oh my God this looks very different yeah I've just