April 18th, 2023 Livestream Titan Forest

April 18th, 2023 Livestream

Titan Forest


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I poop fish get help if you're pooping, big trees are nanite too are they can you enable nanite Vision no I don't think so okay, it might be though let's see maybe maybe the Titan first but there's there's their place aesthetic measures they're not foliage oh okay yeah so the trees are also nanite 14. essentially function as Cliffs do but they're yeah giant trees instead which also completely new and I saw a question come by about being able to walk around the branches and yeah you should be able to there shouldn't be the the usual Collision around them that completely blocks you from approaching them you should be able to actually you can make little tree houses yep that's the idea there you go there you go it's where you can show Collision I think there is, no it should be it's like where's the is it this one I don't know if it's player Collision if it's oh let's see if it crashes there might be a lot of collision actually oh no get ready for imminent crash wait wait wait for it cool scary wait for it I think the editor crashed oh let's go this little machines doing yeah by the way little machine this isn't even on my this is actually on a completely different computer, and it's a pretty beefy one too and it's still kind of struggling so, oh yeah but it's mostly this like visualization stuff that's heavy especially this one in particular let's see how long oh why did you do that because I'm curious this one yeah that was initially yeah no it's also it's also like it does usually fine when you have a small little section of the map loaded but when you have the whole map loaded that is a lot oh yeah I've loaded the entire thing with that even the high-end ones it's that was also not something we could do this is also based on the world partitioning system which we discussed in the unreal and in five tool stuff but it I it's really in this area that you're working Hannah where I think you you guys are taking most advantage of that system, with how you sort of work, with the environment yeah I mean just just any of the later map changes like once I switch to Unreal 5 like with the new world petitioning especially once it got kind of like, we got a little map in engine where it could select essentially which area we want to load, and that makes it both easier and harder to to work in similar areas but also because like normally if you would do any work in a tile like if you would move a tree in the tile it would check out the tile now it just checks out the tree which means that we can detectively work in similar areas at the same time as long as we don't touch the same assets, so it's been nicer in the sense that we've been being able to work much more accurately and the nice thing about it too is that the loading for you all is going to change and be much more optimized because it's not going to load a whole [ __ ] tile, when you get close to it anymore it's going to load like smaller parts of it yeah have you relevant to you have you, have you personally noticed, benefits in that area when you jump like actually into the game and run around or, not per se the five itself is pretty, right so yeah it's hard to compare it to the it's it's hard to compare but like in the game itself probably yes, but in in