April 18th, 2023 Livestream Nanite on Dune Desert cliffs

April 18th, 2023 Livestream

Nanite on Dune Desert cliffs


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one thing that some people picked up on a couple of weeks ago when we're showing specifically this Vista is like since we're moved to nanite this is unrelated in five and we're using nanite on is it all the cliffs now or is it just like a subset of clips I'm not


is that a Ben question it's a then question yes so so, there's a lot of manite in the scene actually yeah so so this is a representation of everything that's using nanite which is unreal it's like it's what it's essentially doing it's streaming in parts of the mesh, so like if you're very far away from a mesh it will only load in like the triangles that actually rendered, the main benefit of us doing this is we don't need to rely on lods for a lot of objects in the scene, which makes it so that like when you're far away we used to have like these, models that we'd like to switch out so like the further away from something it starts switching out models with nanite you don't really need to do that anymore because it's like doing that on the same model it's just changing like the, how like highly defined the model is depending on how far how densely the yeah or something yeah okay, and the real benefit for us specifically on doing on the cliffs is that they look a lot more detailed on in the distance compared to how they did it used to look like yeah damn it really, specifically I'd love to see a side by side or something maybe that's something you can do one day but yeah, wait do I have it wait maybe I have it actually one second oh we it'll it'll cut off audio maybe we'll see it was this one so this is update six seven seven, and then switch this to update 8. here oh damn so you can see the like the difference in if you check the, is it good oh wow yeah so much more detail yeah I think the mic was on for that yeah hopefully, do it again yeah yeah the sharpness look I mean oh man can you proceed like just a couple frames is that easy to do or yeah oh man like I wish I could point at what I'm looking at here but like, how do I just some of the structures in the distance you can see yeah like they look sad and muddy before but then they're like crisp even the close-up stuff because the lighting it works so much better with it yeah that's true that's true because the all the normal mapping on the on the, sorry thing on the cliffs makes this also lighting looks a lot more detailed Jesus okay give people a little bit of a warning when you come come back to my face jump scare a thousand people Jesus Christ yeah, and, one question that I get a lot is whether we're going to use nanite for foliage and at the moment I don't think we will because it's a lot of work that needs to be done, and it's not like a thing where we can just convert easily all the foliage on the map, to nanite unfortunately I know that I know there are real has tools to convert meshes to nanite but unfortunately it probably it doesn't work out for our foliage apparently I don't know the details Ben just gave me the the rundown, essentially to like rework all the foliage on the map and it's just too much work for us at this point