April 18th, 2023 Livestream Intro

April 18th, 2023 Livestream



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so, yeah I guess this is state of Dev I forgot to add that to the the agenda originally but I think we're just gonna kind of jump in and invite our guests honestly and talk about talk about that stuff because I think that's the we didn't put out a video last week so we didn't really have too much to talk about there so we're just going to talk about the video last last week two weeks ago and with us for that we are joined by Hannah I can never pronounce your name Burger the easiest way to do it how you doing Hannah I gotta say I'm, oh no Hannah's also sick unfortunately I don't have the fancy gradient effect so you're gonna have to pretend I'm all Grace I was I was gonna see if I could no I can't whatever it's it's a truly six stream we're awesome yeah truly sick yep that's gonna be a lot of that huh are you sick or just sick of us I mean it's not the community it's really really oh that's not nice sorry try you want me to leave Hannah's gonna take over the rest of the stream I mean yeah you could leave your house for me that's great I'll do that I'll do that yeah, so so I'm just gonna preface sort of what we're gonna be doing here we're actually gonna be showing off stuff in editor which we kind of did this for update six and I had to remind myself it was update six not seven, time sure flies, we were hoping to capture more b-roll for the video that we put out but we've been struggling with the video capturing stuff for, for this particular update, so there wasn't as much b-roll as we were hoping but we're gonna try and and mitigate that by showing you pretty much everything all right I mean maybe not everything but as much as we can, today leaking everything essentially yeah, we're also gonna be talking about some of the we're going to dive deeper into some of the aspects that we talked about in the video with, the different areas, is there anything else you want to like preface preface this section with Hannah before we straight up so a bunch of the stuff you're going to see is still working progress so you know if you see floating rocks that's definitely intended the other stuff is not if you see floating rocks you know who to blame we need to like have we need to have a counter my specialty whenever you see a floating Rock Counter yes so you're gonna have to keep track of that, so the first thing that we're going