October 12th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Can we get more info on chaining Path Signals?

October 12th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Can we get more info on chaining Path Signals?


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can we get more info on chaining pass signals the thing is it's it's really hard to give information on it because it's it's it's a like a situational usage so like basically you can have a pass signal which leads to another path signal which can lead to another pass signal and then a block signal at the end or something like that yeah and and what would then happen, and this is useful if you have like different branches, and and then what would happen is that, it would it would it would reserve that entire path through all those signals up until the block signal at the end but like it it there's not really anything I can say about it because it's it's like it's a very situational thing there are just some situations where that makes sense for your train line, but there's not really too much more to say about it it's just a pass signal leads to another passing wheel instead of a block and so that the path reservation doesn't stop there it keeps going until it hits a block yeah because that is the fundamental like it's hard to, because fundamentally the system is kind of simple but it's once you put it in practice and create like all the divergence of the symbols the signals and whatnot then it becomes really complex so like you know deep downs the set the the signals are kind of simple in the way that like lock signals only segment train lines and chain signals look ahead in the path that train wants to go in and checks the nearest block signal and that needs to be green for the path to be green etc but but like as soon as you start you know setting up intersections and you know create like these weird loops and stuff that's when it becomes really complex and it's really hard to like go through yeah like you kind of need to go through these these examples or I'm sure people are going to post examples and stuff on the discord and youtube like how you should set them up to make them work, but you're like yeah it's it's really hard to like talk about it yeah the signals themselves are there's very they they're very simple they're like they're a little hard to get your head around but like their logic it's it's they do a lot with very little rules rule sets yeah you know so yeah