March 29th, 2022 Livestream Snutt Talk: State of Dave recap

March 29th, 2022 Livestream

Snutt Talk: State of Dave recap

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I'm thinking I should probably do it like a really quick no maybe I shouldn't because there's only, I'll do a five minute recap essentially of state of dev too because sometimes people join in late and they're like what the hell's going on, and, yeah real quick recap is that, no new news as to what's going on we are we are working on the game I should probably have said that before too by the way we are working on the game constantly, we're just like trying to figure out like what the next iteration of satisfactory is going to be if it's going to be in the next new update if it's going to be a bunch of updates smaller updates we're going to work continuously on it we're going to release 1.0 we haven't really decided yet we're leaning towards one option but we have we can't really like announce anything because we don't we constantly change our minds and at one point like even one point update five was like we were thinking of changing up up how we did update five as well but then we ended up doing the same thing anyways and just like not doing it so I don't know we'll see what happens, I think we'll be giving some more news soon-ish in the coming couple coming couple of weeks maybe, because you know if yeah yeah especially that, so soon it's been taking a little bit longer because it is a huge process and I mean actually when I say it's been taking longer like it's also not kind of kind of fair either because it's it's not reasonable for us to like constantly be dishing out like information and like updates all the time, because [ __ ] takes a long time to make, you know when we were doing teaser season for update five you know we were really late in development for all that stuff so like there's it made sense to show things off at that point but you know now we're we're still working on like a bunch of big systems and stuff like that in content as well so this this [ __ ] takes time, so, that's just how the cookie crumbles I confirm [ __ ] take time yeah exactly so, yeah let me just pop pop out chat so I can actually read what's going on up until this point just by ignoring you guys no I just prefer this this, whatever it's called plugin to read your hello [ __ ] delivery has been delayed yeah yeah I mean many of our updates have been delayed, majority of our updates have been delayed, I think the only updates that weren't delayed were like update 4 and update 5. so, we kind of set out to do one thing with those and we kind of like managed to I know that's not true actually if I was a little bit delayed, it was a fluid update that was on time