September 8th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Any more tiers in 3.5?

September 8th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Any more tiers in 3.5?

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like any more tears in 3.5 I'm not sure most likely not you know if we're gonna add tears if anything, it would be in four I don't know if we're adding tears or not, but one thing- I say this every time people ask about tears just something to keep in to keep in mind is having more tiers does not give you more gameplay or and it doesn't give you a better game experience it doesn't do that at all it gives you the illusion that there's more in the game but the thing is you can add more to tier seven and it adds a bunch of gameplay and that's all that ends up matter mattering the the only difference between I guess tier seven and tier eight would be you have to do one more elevator thing so so the most important thing when adding anything is that it is balanced, it works well in the progress and it adds significant gameplay and whether that means in a new tier or not whatever makes sense is the most important thing like you're gonna get new content no matter if we add it to an existing here yeah or a new tier exactly like if we just put some that should be in seven into eight so that people can see that there's a new tier yeah it's it's it's not right it's not right it's kind of weird yeah like adding a new tier does not like you get new stuff but it does not negate adding stuff to existing tiers yeah exactly yeah but nice is a eight is a nice round number all right tier eight confirmed three point five