April 20th, 2021 Livestream Snutt Talk: Use the QA Site

April 20th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt Talk: Use the QA Site


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but regardless if you are running into issues with with the game and, you wanted to address it make sure to go to our qa site I'm going to drop the command on qa site hopefully that's the correct one cool post your issues there and try to be like ass explain it to us as if we're five okay like the the more in-depth your explanation is the better and you're kind of like when it comes to these type of issues like the pipe issues this is something that it's super hard for us to just like look at an issue be like oh that's the problem and trying to like resolve it most of the issues that we see we have a hard time like re-reproducing, so it's it's some of the reports that I see on the qa site are are really good like community effort reports and we love that specifically the ones that like, that we've seen on some of the pipe issues, because that that's like issues that the whole community came together and tested and like set up a good like save file for us to look at and make it like super clear like this is the issue, the more, like explanatory you are in those cases the better and if you guys in the community can come together and like really like trying to nail down exactly what the problem is and explain to us as if we're five the better for us because it's really difficult for us when we get reports to be able to like actually figure out what the problem is even if you have like a say for like here's the problem and I've saved where the problem is like even then sometimes we can look at a cell phone be like I don't what's the I don't know so, so yeah I urge you really to to help us out, on that part and we do see you guys, so, so yeah pipe dreams exactly