June 20th, 2023 Livestream Q&A: Will Jace be here next week?

June 20th, 2023 Livestream

Q&A: Will Jace be here next week?

00:00 Intro
00:38 Q&A: What is Snutt going to do?
03:58 Q&A: Will Jace be replaced?
05:33 Yes yes yes yes yes
05:41 Q&A: Jace still here?
06:19 Q&A: Do Jace & Snutt speak Swedish?


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all right I'll answer this one because we talked about at the beginning of the stream but, and then other people have asked since so maybe more people are here now, will I be here next week I'm not sure if we're actually going to be streaming next week or not I might do something so we'll see okay, but then the week after so the Fourth of July will be my last stream here okay, and then that's when I'm like and then I'm gonna be at twitchcon and then that's when I'm officially done, at coffee stain so I'm not making any more videos, for the YouTube channel and it's just a couple more streams here and then, and then I'm I'm gone I'm gone skis oh sad what am I gonna do you'll be fine buddy you'll be fine I'll just do what you can don't stress too much yeah I'll be on vacation anyway so it doesn't matter like I'll just pretend that it doesn't exist pretend it's not waiting for you when you get back yeah okay I guess we can say that too like the the the, the community the stream we like Jace mentioned there might be one next week but I won't be on it because I'm on half vacation next week, I'll be gone but, we have three more streams I think or two more wait, if I may stream next week and that's one after that that's it yeah there's three more weeks of potential stream streamage and after that we're gonna take like I'm going on vacation Jace is is I mean today's is going away, and, so we're gonna take a little bit of a Hiatus, for the stream until I get back from vacation and sort of sort out what I want to do to stream, maybe maybe we'll just keep streaming like as usual, this this format maybe we'll do something different with the format, I don't know we'll see, there's there's a lot of stuff to sort of I need to wrap my head around and I feel like a lot of stuff when it comes to like how, how I'm gonna manage without Jace I'm like pretending that like I'll do it when I get to there like I'll take when I get there yeah no worries but, I don't think we're gonna change too much in like how we've done things so far we're still going to be communicating as much as we can you know the the yeah and like all the things that we've done as a Duo here as a Duo like Community management team like like we've been on the same page with like everything right yeah like it hasn't been like some people have been like oh well you know it's all going to change because Jace is gone I don't think that's actually true because you're not on the same page like we wanted the same thing and we just went for the same thing I just happened to make the videos right, so I don't think like the the overall like ethos of how Community Management is going to continue like coffee standing is going to change so that's going to be carrying that torch, so it's going to be okay but, yeah I guess the one thing the one thing- I ask Community go like snoot we'll be alone for a bit and he's got to figure stuff out of things are going to change please be patient I'm sure most of you will be understanding but just give him support and, you know like and don't feel like you need to push yourself harder than you can you know do what you can and these kind folks will will have your back yeah no I'm not I think I wrote that in my tweet it's like- I don't feel alone like in in in in this you know for for all extents and purposes like I feel like communities is like part of like my you guys are kind of my co-workers yes that's how I've seen you guys well yeah so like I don't really feel like alone it's just that, you know and and also it's not just me and Jace who have been like sort of managing all like all the decisions we're making how we do community like there's a whole team behind us as well you just don't see those on camera, with with like where our producers and our our city management like all we're sort of part of the decision making just that me and Jays are the ones that are sort of you know leading it and taking invisible yeah, so and that team is still there so so yeah I'm not too worried either, we'll see we'll see it'll be a it'll be a new era sort of leading in anyways will Jace be replaced me


I mean I think I think the I mean the plan would obviously be that we would look for someone we're we're about to put out an ad for another Community I guess but I don't think that I don't think the framing of whether or not I'll be replaced is a healthy framing I get the feeling that maybe many people will look at it that way but I encourage you to not look at it that way because, one you'll be disappointed because I'm me and no one else is me right so anyone else that doesn't mean another person can't do this job, and maybe whoever comes along can can offer something else you know what I mean, so I don't think anyone should feel like they need to be like I am I think the my well at both of our strengths have always been that we've just been ourselves so whoever comes in to help snoot out hopefully they could just be themselves and you guys can enjoy that, whatever they have to bring yeah I don't think the intention is from from my side either that I want to replace base I think we need to have a have the mindset that like it's probably gonna be different and it's it's just we just have to adapt to sort of what we have, mm-hmm but the the whatever you call it like the mission statement or whatever is still the same like we still think it's important to humanize, game development we want to be as clear as possible we want to feel like everyone is heard both from our side as developers but also from you guys perspective both good and bad you know we we all sometimes we mess up I think it's important to to, own up to that and, as clear as possible yeah it's gonna be okay guys yeah it's gonna be okay


what up Jay's still here at not for long oh bye gone oh no oh no no that was the j-spot yep yes yes I would live there yes yes yes yes too soon yeah too soon I mean only one person yeah my last stream was in two weeks so, and now maybe streaming next week so it's still a little bit more so we have to we have to study, frenchton oh yeah, we we do yes yeah correct yes are we, that's the only how well are you doing in French- I haven't done any french yet no apart from like yeah so did Jason snoot speak Swedish barely barely right it's hard language yeah it is a stupid language I feel like all languages are stupid when you're trying to make translate or learn them it was just stupid this doesn't make any sense English is super stupid yeah broken language oh you say dumb but then comb I guess that's similar damn it I thought I had a gotcha there but I didn't what's what's, what's the usual one you go with that's like, well there's like words like through though enough yeah they're the same o-u-g-h but it's like eight different sounds kernel it's a stupid word like yeah and then there's things like, like the eight e I g h t but then it's like if you add an H to the front becomes height it's like hello I would like to speak to the language manager


yes English follows other languages down dark alleys beats them up and searches their pockets for loose ground that's actually true yeah English is pretty pretty weird like that it's completely busted language I feel like all languages are busted it's like whenever people ask me Swedish questions is like phrases or ways to say certain sentences I'm always like there's no logic to this why have I never questioned this I just I just learned it yeah wait wait hold up you your and your is hard for Americans no it's not you just write your y'all you're done yeah yeah you're oh my God that's a genius what what you're doing easy peasy you all have done it now you'll have done it now the ultimate y'all y'all haven't you all haven't you all of it sounds like you're having a stroke shutting down rebooting