June 10th, 2022 Video Rebuilding the Creature AI

June 10th, 2022 Video

Rebuilding the Creature AI


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to life the creatures you encounter on the planet play a big part in the player experience when exploring and we felt that the current iteration of creatures and their behavior have had some room for improvement so for this update we've kind of rebuilt the ai system from the ground up to better support the direction we want to take them in so doing this proved to be a much bigger undertaking than we estimated and we ran into like a whole bunch of roadblocks along the way we're quite happy with the system itself but there's still a lot of work when it comes to implementing the ai for creatures and this can take quite some time before we're fully happy with it the overall of the creature ai isn't necessarily to make the enemies harder it's more about adding variety to the creature's behavior and that's the key thing here right variety because while we won't necessarily add new, creatures in this update we are going to make changes to the existing hostile creatures let's talk about some of the