February 10th, 2023 Video Q&A: Who is Ilayda?

February 10th, 2023 Video

Q&A: Who is Ilayda?


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from Istanbul Turkey and I speak to English I'm 27 years old my horoscope is cancer and yes I'm unfortunately into horoscopes so if you're a Scorpio call me I haven't played the Final Fantasy games yet nor do I have a beard somehow I still got the job I only have one tattoo but I almost got a salad Cat Tattoo once and I was fully sober do you guys think I should get it let me know in the comments down below I love terrain rice which is why I was a little sandwich with that Redemption too because they skipped the best part of the train ride it was just a cutscene in satisfactory you can ride in trains so go satisfactory my favorite gaming moment is Crash Bandicoot Easter egg in Uncharted 4. I like the creative game modes the best which is why I can't wait for it to be added to satisfactory so