May 24th, 2022 Livestream Q&A: Are there any surprises for Update 6?

May 24th, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: Are there any surprises for Update 6?

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I know you guys are telling us all about up to six bro there's still a few secret surprises for release date no not really like there's, there's probably like there's probably gonna be a few like more tweaks to certain things like maybe there'll be more ui because even in between making the the first video that I talked about radar towers and the video where I talked about the the


weapons and stuff there'd been some changes in in the game that I didn't know about, so like you know we're still developing the game and when we launch it on like ea on early access it's gonna look very different compared to like when we launch an experimental because we're probably gonna launch we're probably gonna keep working on our assets in experimental so there's probably there might be like a few like quality of life stuff that we haven't seen yet, and maybe some tweaks to some some stuff there's always stuff that when I'm making these videos we always like look at okay what can we put together in this video to talk about like the thing I mentioned with the codex thing for instance like that didn't really fit in that video originally and it wasn't planned for and then I kind of just like all right [ __ ] it whatever- I don't know when to when otherwise I'll talk about this, and there's a few more things like that that aren't like any major features but for the most part you guys are getting everything, all the information as to what's coming so we're not really doing the the like keeping your on your edge type of deal anymore with the features because we are making this update very differently compared to how we're making update five and I know that I've seen a lot of comments about like how people are like oh they said there was gonna be a small update but, but it's it's just as big or or you know they said it's gonna be a different but it's not actually different but it is going to be different once this drops on experimental, because if everyone's going to stick on experiment a lot longer it's going to be a bit more buggy than it has been before it's going to be actually experimental for real and we're going to keep developing feature-wise on the update while it's inexperimental which we haven't done before you should like we've done a little bit before but not to this extent you know in the past we would have maybe waited longer to push this update maybe, until after summer but it doesn't fit it doesn't work for us scheduling wise so we kind of need to release it, in the state that it's in, when we feel it like it's good enough but we don't have it to release that, just yet you