January 22nd, 2020 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: NAT

January 22nd, 2020 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: NAT


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nat problems, I don't know if you've done any more work on them the dedicated servers will fix them if you use dedicated servers hopefully, yeah hopefully, but without that I can't remember if we've done we could talk about matt in general like why is that an issue for some people because like if like you might have seen or experienced yourself that like sometimes it's really hard to connect or maybe you've never been able to connect and stuff like that, and it's like one of the hardest part of any networking game is because we're using, oh what is the protocol called it's not t, tps or tsp it's, I'm like blanking out I just work with this every day and whatever udp udp thank you so udp is like a faster protocol to send data but it's also like if you just send like a bunch of transmissions to someone, they have to like open their ports and everything behind the router if so if they're behind a router they have to like open ports to allow like you sending them data and that's the hardest part of like connectivity is the fact that like computers don't want you to open ports unless you're sending some data first so there's like a lot of tricky ways to like try and like get the router to to allow people to connect, it's a it really is and it's really frustrating and there's like we've implemented a few, things that will mitigate that but obviously like we're not catching every single case yet, but rest assured that we we know about it, we are looking into ways to get more people because like obviously we want everyone to play and it's a cons like it's a thing that we just have to work on all the time like it was the same thing when I used to work on different multiplayer games so the same thing like some people just have not issues and and the really unfortunate thing is like sometimes it's your isp that's messing up for you because like you can have the issue where like if you have a router behind a router which like not most people have but like it can happen in certain situations sometimes it's just like the your isp is like not forwarding, your ip address to your router because they're like ah this is scummy, so like there's it's just such a complex like issue, and there's so many ways like it can go wrong and stuff load decapo has an interesting helmet there maybe we could I don't know like you know more about this than me but udp is sessionless you guys could start a tcp tunnel the transit protocols once you get a reply yeah it's the same issue though because like you can establish connection through to through tps and earlier through tpc I can't talk you establish a connection there right and you say like all right let's talk on this protocol and then you start the first transmission and then router's like nope that's not I really can't allow that yet this is that's how youtube works yeah you visit elizabeth's special because youtube keeps the tcp connection going I think