November 22nd, 2022 Livestream Q&A: Is it possible to add a mirror solution to placing Blueprints?

November 22nd, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: Is it possible to add a mirror solution to placing Blueprints?

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question is it possible to add a mirror solution to placing blueprints if you know what I mean that sort of makes sense so like you you have a blueprint and then you can mirror it and place it on the other side oh but I don't know because that would make sense in a way if everything was always symmetrical but I don't think things are like not all buildings are symmetrical right and then therefore yeah it sounds risky it does sound risky, and and if anything but like if it's magical then another solution for like reconfiguring belts and allowing stuff would have to happen yeah I'm trying to think would be sick because like if you do rotate Everything 100 180 degrees, within the I mean it's possible I guess to do it that way, some rotate though it's mirror right because well I assume they mean when they say mirror the mean wrote as if it's like rotated 100 degrees mirrored from like the the location so if you see if you see like if you yeah otherwise it wouldn't be possible yeah yeah bits what do you mean do you mean mirrors in like mirrored or reflection or mirrors in like rotated but it would because right now can you can you you can rotate the can you rotate the blueprints while you've got yeah you can yeah yeah yeah but maybe that's not what what means then because like I mean you can do that already if you just rotate the blueprint when you place it yeah yeah just make two blueprints that might have that might be the thing you need to do yeah can we start fixing the snapping performer yeah there are a lot there are a lot of snapping fixes already, that we haven't been able to push yet oh so the belts are going the other way oh interesting that sounds like it sounds like a turkey to get get right yeah it sounds like a lot of edge cases, yeah yes but, put it on the QA side maybe it's not that hard to do I don't know I'm not the one who made the blueprint so I don't know Jordan chaos asking can we have mirrored buildings if you had mirrored buildings then it becomes much simpler


, and also like I imagine you would love to have mirrored buildings or in a lot of people who create like big things or like artistic builds I'm sure y'all would love to have mirrored buildings you know what the actual best use case of mirror buildings would be though it's like when you have a building that have two different inputs like a pipe and a belt like coal generators for instance have like if you want to line them up perfectly have one line be like the regular one and the other one mirrored so you can have the pipe go perfectly into like both holes yeah yeah mirroring would be actually sick yeah you know what I actually think if people got the mirror that- I reckon everyone would go crazy they would love it it feels like a weird thing but I think everyone would love it yeah but is it more important than fixing the snapping you know like it's well as a community manager I have decided, the development team will back me up on this it's okay, you guys don't know this but we actually have executive power to just make all decisions we just pretend that we don't you know what we will mirror the buildings I feel generous today yep that's the easiest way to be like the this is the easiest way to become the world's favorite Community manager for the for the shittiest company for the shittiest game yeah why is the game broken, the community manager is calling all the shops no that that can't be it it must be something else like No One's Gonna believe that yeah and it's perfect it's all coming together the mad is Dad I mean I'm not saying it holy