September 15th, 2020 Livestream Jace & Snutt Talk: Early Access Games

September 15th, 2020 Livestream

Jace & Snutt Talk: Early Access Games

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Snutt: Fuck.

Jace: Uhh...

"Having already been successful in both Epic and Steam early access launches, what is- what is your incentive for making to 1.0 release... versus taking the money you already have and running?"

Uhh... the incentive is that we are making a game, and we want to finish it because we care about it.


Making something good is very important to us-

Snutt: Yeah

Jace: -the- the- the art side the creation side of making games is very important to us.


The fact that we made money because people liked it is great- Uhh- but we still got a job to do.

Not like- not just for people who like- not just for people who bought the game; First of all we- we sort of owe them- [laughing] a finished product-

Snutt: [smiling] Yeah, yeah.

Jace: -but- but also for us, we- we spent so much time doing this like why the hell would we just stop?

That's crazy, people- we'd riot I think everyone would just riot,

Snutt: Hmm.

Jace: if some reason whoever would take make that decision.

Snutt: Yeah.

Jace: Uhm..

Snutt: But it's also like you know even the the boring like...

Jace: I would riot.

Snutt: aspect of- like there are a lot of people that wouldn't- -don't want to play early access games, or like waiting for 1.0 to come out before they even start diving into it,

Jace: Hmmhm.

Snutt: and I- I'm one of those people like I didn't play Factorio until it was 1.0.

Jace: Yeah.

Snutt: Uhm... so there's also that aspect, but yeah the- the bigger as- believe it or not like the bigger aspect is for us that we just want to finish it, like... it's...

Jace: It's important to finish it.

And I- you know like back when we started and decided to do early access, we didn't want to do early access- -there was like a lot of pushback, we were like: "we don't want to be one of those games stuck in early access" and we still don't, like it's so important to not be stuck here, like I- I don't know- like I don't want to- I don't want to throw shade, but I think I'm just going to end up throwing shade, but.. uhmm- but it's just like... I feel like this for me,

Snutt: [Laughs]

Jace: and I- and I think it's a shared sentiment, we just don't want to be one of those games. That's the thing. There are a lot of early access games out there who stay early access for a long time, and they're awesome- -they're actively developing, they're engaging with the community and that's fantastic. Uhm... but there are too many that just don't. [Laughs]

Snutt: Yeah.

Jace: And we don't want to be that so-

Snutt: And we also- yeah we don't want to be stuck there for a long time either, like I think at some point we're gonna- -even though we have like so many ideas for Satisfactory I think at one point we're just gonna be like- "all right we got just gotta finish it at this point"

Jace: Yeah, yeah.

Snutt: fuck it- because I don't think uh we want us-

Jace: Yeah.

Snutt: -because like Wube was in was in early access for eight years with Factorio, and- and when we see that we're like

"whoa that's so long we don't want to do that"

Jace: [Shakes head]

I don't want to be in early access for 8 years.

Snutt: Yeah, yeah.

Jace: I don't want to work on an early access game for eight years-

Snutt: Yeah.

Jace: -because there's no reason why we can't update it after 1.0

Snutt: [shrugs] Yeah.

Jace: Like...

So it's like it doesn't really change much,

Snutt: Hmm.

Jace: but we do want to say that we've got a finished game.