December 20th, 2022 Livestream Q&A: What are you looking forward to most for 2023?

December 20th, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: What are you looking forward to most for 2023?

00:00 Intro
00:06 Jace used to live there
00:27 Q&A: Ever watched sumo?
00:41 Community FYI: Thank you for the cool 2022
00:48 Q&A: I take it you speak Japanese?
01:51 Jace gets trolled
02:17 Outro

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what are you looking forward to, most about 2023 honestly, in March I'm going to Japan so those of you who don't know I used to live there, for many years I studied there and it's a really really important place to me I have so many memories very important for me and I haven't been there many years and so I'm looking forward to that I have friends there it's my old home yeah I really really am looking forward to that so everyone yeah I went to Sumo, live in Osaka it was really cool it was really cool got to walk past like a lot of sumo guys those guys are massive they're so tall thanks for the cool 2022 true and thank you thank you all for a great 2022. I take it you speak Japanese I speak a bit like I'm not very great at it but like I can, I get by yeah I used to get by day to day I used to work at a Japanese company and speak Japanese at work you know it sounded like and you know it wasn't very good but, yeah but I made it work you know I could take parting meetings and stuff like that show us your Japanese no no I'm on the spot this is wait no like I will 100 if I try to speak Japanese now I will 100 percent, quarter of offenders yeah I will 100 trip over my words and it's gonna be really embarrassing I'm gonna look like an idiot I'm not gonna do it more Japanese please it teaches bad words I'm gonna teach you bad words I don't even know many bad words in Japanese wait that's what's gonna make you look like Android you're out of here Ben get out of here Androids you think you're funny you're a comedian or something huh good one good one oh geez perm I get him get him Megan hey get him get him wow good one yeah you know what on that note let's end the stream wow no I'm just kidding all right no but actually we will end the stream we will end the stream but we won't end it on on me getting burned all right okay because this is the the end of the stream I'm not gonna see you guys for a few weeks gonna miss you all, but thank you all for an amazing year I know I wasn't really, I wasn't around too much this year because I was away for a lot of things but I did make it to the streams at least so I did see you guys for the most part but, yeah big thank you again honestly for another amazing year, we have another whole year next year believe it or not and, we'll see we'll see how that goes, so thank you all everyone very very much yeah Merry fixmest take care I love Jay's but also a good thing it was it was pretty good yeah so stay safe everyone, you know I hope you have a good time if you're not doing much enjoy some video games you don't have to play satisfactory by the way you can play whatever you want but if you want to play satisfactory do that too I hope you have friends and family that you can hang out with too, take care yeah don't do drugs true true, yeah thanks guys thank you