August 25th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: ETA for Update 4

August 25th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: ETA for Update 4

This question was possibly replaced with a more recent answer: March 9th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Date for Update 4?

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so yeah pretty much that, and saw a question eta for update 4 is kind of hard to say since we're still kind of defining exactly what it will be, but jace guessed last stream that it would be sometime this year at the end of the year probably, it might be later it might be next year depending on how big we feel like update 4 will be but if we are gonna make a bigger update for you know that's not gonna happen until next year then we're definitely gonna release something like smaller before that that's not update four but it's like new content of some sort you know, it might be like just an upgrade on like quality of life stuff it might be smaller features or something like that we haven't really decided yet, but the one thing I know for sure is that like dedicated servers is its own thing we're working on that separately to update for that might happen before update 4 I personally hope it does especially if we're going to delay or not delay but like especially if update 4 doesn't happen until later and, yeah I think that's that's pretty much it like yeah mark two pipes is also a possibility that might happen before update four, unless we make some unless they tie in with something in update four that like is part of that update so to speak but if if they're not then we're probably gonna release like for maybe mark two pipes before that or something I don't know, so that's essentially it this shows a lot of unknowns but we are getting we are progressing so to speak more so than we did last year or before vacation, because before vacation we were still kind of like figuring out like how do we want to proceed working and I think we've kind of like figured that out now, so now it's more of like where do we gain value like what is the most value for us to put out like if we just put out you know if say update4 was just like it's mark two pipes and it's like improvements to the pipe network like people that are already past you know the coal production part of the game would be like it's not really super beneficial for us because like we're already at nuclear and we don't really like, care about that stuff you know which it's not is it it's a bad example because obviously it's gonna affect everyone because like your refineries are gonna get effective about that and stuff like that but, yeah that's that's a big part of it as well like not just releasing you know a quality of life update for you know maybe do we want to go for that or do we want to go for like a actual content kind of release, so yeah we we don't know 100 yet update 4 might happen at the end of 2020 update 4 might happen in the beginning of 2021, depending on how big it is but, and we also don't know if stuff up is if we're if update 4 is going to be like save everything until update four and release it then or if you're gonna like release things as we progress, and what that would be is also a good question so we will see and I don't know if like update four might be my update 4 might be you know tier 8 kind of like more, technology stuff my update 4 might be you know more tied into the environment maybe there are a few things that we're thinking about but we still are like I would say we're like we've we've like decided sixty percent on what it's going to be and, the rest of those like 40 are probably going to be defined later on, but there are some like quality of life stuff that we've already implemented that we're kind of saving up on and I'm not going to spoil that yet because I'm actually pretty hyped about it just know that the game is not dead there's still cool stuff coming so so yeah