May 3rd, 2022 Livestream Q&A: Will there ever be left-handed Train tracks?

May 3rd, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: Will there ever be left-handed Train tracks?

00:00 Q&A: Will there ever be left-handed Train tracks?
00:25 How Snutt makes Train Tracks
01:17 Real-world left-hand Trains
01:41 Community FYI: Stacked Trains is where it's at
02:40 Community FYI: Swedish roads were also left-handed

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will ever be left-handed train tracks wait that's up to you position of lights oh, I mean you can still make left-handed they just clip I guess- I do left-handed when I do them, I- I agree that it's a bit annoying because you kind of have to space them out a little bit what I tend to do when I make my train tracks is I tend to have like I build them uniformly next to each other and then I where at the places where I want to place signals I tend to like remove a short section of the snippet of the train track and move it back like just a bit tiny bit like the smallest amount of of a train track that you can place and then build the rest of the line, and then just place the track on that and sorry the signals on it but I mean you can't have left left hand side it's just a little bit finicky yeah british train tracks actually we have left-hand side, train tracks in sweden as well fun fact that's why I if you check the update 5, teaser video you'll notice that it's left-handed because we have left-handed in sweden that's why I did it at least I thought it was a nice little detail stack trains is where it's at stack drain is really good actually it makes a lot easier to build too because you only have to do like kind of one line and just stack on top of it so you've already placed the track almost, because one one thing that makes stacked train lines really efficient is add curves and stuff, you don't have to like calculate like the turn radius of both tracks because one is going to be longer than the other run right so sometimes when you're doing turns it can be hard to like figure out a good turn where both tracks are aligned properly whereas when you stack them you just have to make one turn and if it aligns it aligns




swedish roads were also left-handed yeah before yeah exactly so the story here is that we we voted in sweden to switch to, to right-handed, after well I think it was before no so I'm pretty sure we changed to right-handed side like in the 60s or 50s it was pretty late actually but yeah 67. so it's almost in the 70s when we switched to to right-hand side, so like my dad remembered when we switched to right hand, but, but we didn't switch the train system to to right hand because it was too much work you know


so fun fact