May 3rd, 2022 Livestream Q&A: Will the Update to Spire Coast also update the Desert mesa area?

May 3rd, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: Will the Update to Spire Coast also update the Desert mesa area?

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well the updates of spartacus also update the desert, mesa area I don't know which area you're specifically thinking of, but if we look at the graph look at this graph everything that's in white is going to be affected by the spartacus I'll say everything in white is going to be very different in terms of what's there the great canyon area is the only thing that may be like quote unquote between now and then will be better because this will be more wide so there will be more space here but essentially the spire coast encompasses everything in white here okay glad we got that cleared up I need to build more and white gotcha no you that's that's the opposite of what I just said listen to me man ah jesus so like desert canyons won't be affected, the oh, oh actually I forgot to say this too, I'll talk about this in video too there's there's a, let's go back to the graph I love going to the graph there's it's either on this plateau or this sorry you guys can't see it here we go, there's like a there's like a mountain range here or like a mountain wall here, on top of that there's like a like a little lake and like there's a waterfall there I've seen some people build there, that will also be affected fyi, that's kind of like the borderland area here because like it's it's in between these two zones but it's pretty it's pretty obvious that it's work in progress because there's nothing up on that hill, it's just like empty there's not even an environment there, that's because we are we're gonna update that and we're hoping to get that in update six it would be weird if we didn't do all the the environmental changes to that area for update six, so fyi watch out okay it's a passage still there connected in the spire coast in the desert in the middle of the mountain the middle of the mountain, do you mean let's go back to the graph everyone back to the graph there's a passage like where is it is it here or here


it's further out right I'm just waiting for someone to confirm where it is near the top right it's here right it's like it follows or is it here maybe runs already that passage is still fine like don't worry don't worry about that, that hasn't changed almost at all I'd say five five yeah so it's around here somewhere I think it goes underneath like some this wall here or is it here I'm confused to me it didn't look like that changed too much honestly, so if you have like a train line going through there or something like that, it might clip into some foliage or something but I don't think it environmentally it changed too much but- I can't swear on that because I it's just my vague memory but I have gone through that area when I was capturing footage and I'm pretty sure I didn't see too much of a change,