May 11th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: Expected release window for Update 5

May 11th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: Expected release window for Update 5



um so that's that's what we are doing right now we're working on update five update five is slated guestimated if you will we don't have a good date for this yet actually i don't think we have a date at all currently internally but we are shooting for like sometime this fall uh 2021. um


it was originally oh if i was originally going to be out like way sooner we were thinking of releasing update 5 as sort of similar fashion as we did with the fluid update where we released up to 3 and then like a couple of months later we had like added functionality on top of that update but we feel like update 5 is going to be probably more things that we anticipated because we don't we're pretty pleased with update 4 honestly like we don't really have that much that we feel like we need to add on top of this you know we'd rather felt like let's just focus on a new update and focus on you know getting stuff out um so and also we felt like it was a bit too rushed because we needed to get the that update out before our vacation period in sweden which is around like july august something like that um and we felt like it was only like one or two months or something for us to develop the next update so we felt like let's just do it after vacation uh and and like shift things around a little bit and and improve on update five more than we thought so we have we get a little bit more time in update five which maybe pushes some of the other things we have planned we have more updates planned i don't know how many um but um yeah so that's that's the that's the wrap up i've said this like a billion bajillion times on the stream before but just to catch everyone up on what's going on in short update five is slated sometime this fall 2021. i have to be very particular about the year because there's a bunch of jokesters out there that have to comment about this every single time we say that any date or anything like that um fall 2021 see you roomie get it get the hell out of here that's not what i said