October 3rd, 2023 Livestream Q&A: Is Crab Boss still on ice?

October 3rd, 2023 Livestream

Q&A: Is Crab Boss still on ice?


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is crab all still on Ice How likely is it to come into the game or when do you have a, like when you really finally decide for it I think it's still on Ice yes, I haven't actually talked about that with the the production crew yet, I'm not sure I don't I don't know if it will make it and actually to be honest, we will probably address this in a video at some point talk about this because I think this is like one of the like we've said we've tried to be very like upfront with you guys as to like what we plan to do and what actually will come to the game and, sometimes our planning just falls short because of we don't have time or for other reasons and we've been quite upfront with you guys that's like when we will and we won't do stuff I think the crab boss has been one of those things where we were really sure for a long time that we were going to add that, but also at the same time now that we're looking at it and like figuring out like what 1.0 really needs, it's like do we do we live up to the promise of like a less than one second clip from my one of our trailers to add something to the game, or do we focus on other things so that's sort of the discussion that's happening with the crowd boss in particular I think it would be cool to have it in the game but I wonder how much it adds I think also one thing that is good to know is that when we started making satisfactory I think we had a bigger end goal with like the creatures and the combat era game and like the survival aspect of the game and that's we've been working on this in Early Access we sort of realized that this isn't the core pillar of the game really it's like especially when we were doing the the weapons and the creature changes for for update six and five or something or six or seven we've also realized that like people are really interested too much in in that aspect it's like it's it's cool that it's refreshing but if we if we wanted to actually make a huge difference we need to actually take a huge check back and rework how the creatures will work and that's not really interesting for us I think it's more interesting for us to work on Factory stuff than combat stuff and rather make you know and we tried to make combat more like diverse rather than like you know more involved I think the crab boss is one of those things where we had one Vision how we wanted to come back to be in the game and we had an idea of what we wanted a crab boss to be and how that would work in the game and I don't know if it really aligns with how we see the game right now so that's why the crab boss has been on ice for a while because we sort of realized that like maybe this wasn't what's important for the game, but I think it would be cool to have it and I think I don't think I think that's why we haven't scrapped it at this point because we did scrap a couple of other creatures that we were going to do that we haven't unveiled at all actually, but we decided that like it's better to do put focus on other things with the game rather than that element because there weren't really that many people that were super into when we updated the creatures and stuff like that and the combat, so that's why that's the state of the crab boss at least I'll address this more properly when we know more on this topic because I think, I think it's a bit like one thing that's always been super important for us when we were working on this game in Early Access is that we are very upfront that's like what we do and don't and what we plan like what we would like but not what we can do and I think they're crab boss the fact that it was in a trailer sort of signifies that like this is going to be in the final game at some point and now we're sort of potentially stepping back on that one aspect and hopefully you guys will understand why and I might be feel a bit frustrating that we have been talking about this for so long saying like there was going to be a crab boss in the game and then suddenly at the end when we're closer closing into 1.0 we're like we're not sure if that's gonna be a thing, so, I'm not sure if there's a good solution here that everywhere everybody wins but that's that's the that's the rationale behind it at least like I said I'll probably talk more about that in an upcoming video where we can actually, I think flesh out this topic a little bit more but that's the state of things right now at least