October 27th, 2020 Patch Notes Jace & Snutt Talk: Valves

October 27th, 2020 Patch Notes

Jace & Snutt Talk: Valves


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and yeah and then at the end of the trailer there's a there's a little thing at the end of it what's that little thing the people want to know I have no idea


it's it's another cosmetic for the pipes dude dlc I told you man, no some people have figured out it's a valve, it's it's, we're going exclusive to valve you guys we're gonna be removed from the epic store page, it's only gonna be on the steam version yeah we're really excited all the people who got on epic will have to then buy it on steam, we had to pay goo gabe and goobin gave him a lot of money to be able to use that in our game


lord goobin yeah so it's a valve, I know a lot of people have noticed it or like like said like it's a valve but, a lot of people are like still like it's a valve but what does it do right, so it's it's meant for you to use to set like how much you want the flow rate to be when it exits the valve so if you have a 600 pipe mark ii pipe and you want to like split it in a in some kind of console like in some weird constellation I don't know what you would actually use it for like if you have three split pipes or something and you want like a uneven flow rate between them you can now set the maximum flow rate, like on each pipe so like be like oh I want 50 floated on this one or 300 on this one and then I want the rest on the last pipe or whatever now you can do that so it gives you a little bit more control, in that regard and one second I have like a really quick note about that it's so it doesn't stop head lift I saw a lot of people, discuss this when they saw because the the the the I didn't even realize this but I'm pretty happy that I did this because when I placed the mark ii pumps I didn't use the snapping for it I placed them kind of regular, because of the way I set up the trailer the one thing that I noticed was I was I kept placing them like a little bit below 50 meters and then at the end when the valve shows up it's actually the maximum like 50 or 55 or something and then people speculate are like is the valve doing something with the head lift and the answer is no the valve has no impact on the head lift but it does stop backflow so it is directional so, you have to like set it in the angle that you want the valve to handle backflow, so yeah pip rod, pip rod knew it they told you all and now you all know there you are yeah we're just conveying their message to you all