September 12th, 2018 Alpha Info Alpha's content focus

September 12th, 2018 Alpha Info

Alpha's content focus

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Another thing that I can tell you
about the Alpha is that it will be focused on the early game
on onboarding, so that's just gonna be about
when a new player joins, how are they introduced to the game, can they figure out how to play well? You know, basic just early game stuff, but of course we'll be taking
feedback about any bugs or suggestions and stuff like that as well. The Alpha will also be in stages,
so what we're going to be doing is we're going to be focusing on
one starting area of the game and seeing how that plays
in the early game and we're gonna focus on that,
making it look good and making it feel good and design the flow of the game well there. We're not locking out other areas of the map, so if you want to explore, go for it,
but those are areas that we haven't, we're not saying they're final or anything like that. They're not polished, the gameplay
there is maybe not perfect, we just want to get one
starting area right first and then we'll move on to the other ones. The tech in the Alpha will also be limited
so that you've only got early and maybe mid game stuff - I don't know the specifics, but we don't want you diving too deep
into the late game because, again, we just want to test early game.
That's the feedback we really need. We don't really need feedback on
the late-game stuff now, that's not that we don't have it, but again, we just need what's
useful to us right now. And also it's gonna give us an opportunity
to keep some of the cool stuff we have in game behind wraps and
we can surprise you a little bit later. So I hope that information
ties you over for now. I think it's pretty cool info
Alpha related, very nice.