September 12th, 2018

September 12th, 2018 ~SOME~ Satisfactory Alpha Info

pushing the Alpha back



just want to start off with is we've
totally noticed that the community is
getting restless about the Alpha and
that makes total sense that's completely
our fault we keep pushing the alpha back
internally and we haven't revealed any
information about it we just haven't
really been happy with it at this point
but we also feel it's important for us
to just get it out there it's an alpha
you guys will help us out we should just
put it out there warts and all but
before we do that we just need to get
some stuff fixed up so that we can get
some valuable feedback from the alpha
now that's not to say that we aren't
happy with our progress we are but it's
you know we're perfectionists and it's a
little baby and so we're kind of like
self-conscious about putting it out and
we want it to be perfect but that's not
really you know a good thing for us you