November 2nd, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Torsten's Cosmetics Whiteboard (Part 1)

November 2nd, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Torsten's Cosmetics Whiteboard (Part 1)

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so we also wanted to show you this like torsten then sent us a link to, this like whiteboard which is kind of like an inspiration board that we used for, the cosmetics going into update five and we thought that we would just show just show it to you like there's not really much to say about this or to give away this is just actually what was made, and what we used internally as kind of like a mood board for what we would do with the cosmetics in update five and we're just gonna just gonna look through it together, of course whatever you see here if you see things that are like oh that looks cool it's not in the game does that mean it's coming no this is just a mood board that we made don't think too much into it, yeah let's just take a look so like this is some yeah inspiring factories I see some old rig yep these look like yeah here's the concept art that you saw before is my oh wait let me turn on the, so you can see the the mouse thing oh whoops you saw apex legends your other favorite game cool yeah they don't I mean you know speaking of apex legends like we we pretty much that was our huge inspiration for the slides of the game yeah absolutely, can you see the mouse yeah there we go okay now here it is that little factory there, some future isn't that the track oh maybe it's just a picture from something else yeah maybe something from there or something I'm not sure yeah yeah oh yeah this is the factories near us yeah yeah yeah yeah so these are real life I you see these when you take the train yeah pass by that one here here's something maybe people know what this is I have no idea what's that I guess it's like, some famous what is it tram system it's like a cable car yeah I guess whoopital okay that dude that's from wilbur joshua you're just saying one word that makes no sense to me and you're a place oh dude they got the stackable conveyor belts right yeah it's pretty cool okay tom scott has a video on that I watched that recently that's where the thing went up and then across right like it's like an elevator is that from this well that's different to this is it like an overpass or something is that what that means oh [ __ ] maybe it's like because I also saw that video yeah because I saw that video too you summon the jerks yeah I was gonna say yeah