May 13th, 2022 Video Introducing the Map changes

May 13th, 2022 Video

Introducing the Map changes

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here we are in the lush grass fields I'm out exploring, I'm far away from home and, yeah let's just bring up the map and see what it looks like now sherbang so yeah it's a lot bigger than before takes up a lot more real estate on the screen, the reason why it's not taking up like the entire screen is because the game isn't like paused when you have the the map menu open this little game is still running in the background we still kind of want to show you that a little bit so one key thing with the map too is that we've changed how you unlock it so the map is now unlocked in the onboarding process instead of being part of like the the the research chain and the mam so you will have access to the map a lot earlier in the game so as you may notice it's a bit different, we've got a couple more elements here that I want to bring up so first things I want to talk about this we've got like a coordinate system thingy here now so wherever the mouse cursor is it will display like where on the map that is in terms of coordinates, you can also navigate to a specific set of, coordinates so if you want to go to like the very center of the map you can zero zero, this is by the way where all your vehicles will end up if the game bugs out they tend to like just teleport over there we'll fix that bug eventually hopefully but, but yeah so this is pretty great if you want like if you're if you're playing with someone they're like hey check out that coordinates like 191 1924 for instance like you can check out something cool this is where I'm at or something like that you can type it in, so yeah very handy one major change