May 13th, 2022 Video Radar Towers in Update 5 vs. Update 6

May 13th, 2022 Video

Radar Towers in Update 5 vs. Update 6

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so next I want to talk about our radar towers so let me place a radar tower here there we go so the radar towers function a little bit differently now now so the way that radar towers used to work is that when you place a radar tower you would sort of like unveil a portion of the map and they still function the same way so within a certain radius it will like get rid of like the the fog of war sort of, but one thing we've added to the radar towers are that if you hover over them you will now see that radius but you will also see sort of what's in that radius so it will tell you sort of how many slugs they're in this radius that will tell you how many, of the other collectibles there are, which by the way if you didn't know this the summersloop and the mercersphere they're both kind of like place order items that we have in the game they are tied into the story of satisfactory, that's coming in 1.0 and they're in the game mostly now because we need to place them as placeholders so we know that where they are how many they are etc etc so you know there won't be like a huge subset of items just added, we may tweak these further in line so like I don't think it's actually worth collecting these at this point but one thing that is important for you guys are the hard drives so here you can see that there's five hard drives within this area you can also get a sense of like what kind of like fauna are in there kind of floor exists here, et cetera et cetera and similar to like as before you can also customize these so you can name this like the grass fields radar tower as of recording this you have to like actually go to the the radar tire to name it I think we have plans to sort of improve on this aspect as well later than the line where you can actually rename stuff on the map here but right now this isn't here in this current build one key thing with the radar tower