May 13th, 2022 Video New Map Menu

May 13th, 2022 Video

New Map Menu

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in the corner you've got the show menu so here's the new menu, that we have for the map and this is pretty similar to our was before but a couple of new additions here as well so we've got the same kind of deal with where we order things so you can select you know kind of like what you want to show on the map or not you know you can select to hide like all the vehicles if you want you can hide all the radar towers and like all the other aspects of the game you can also select here, which part should be in the compass or not so if you want the vehicles to show up on the map but not in the compass you know that's the setting you can have here so now the vehicle is gone and then now it's back and he just knows it's like if you want to like have all the stamps visible or not so if you want to hide all the stamps, you're able to do it here as well you now also have the options like search for stuff so you want to search for the grass fields or like the hub you know you can search them here and they will pop up in the menu all right so next I want to talk about our radar