May 13th, 2022 Video Marker Customisation

May 13th, 2022 Video

Marker Customisation

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let's check it out what we replace the begins with is this thing here new map marker right so you can place this wherever you want on the map and here you'll get sort of the same kind of functionality you had with the beacons so you can name this to be like this is the grass fields maybe new base question mark planning you can set an icon for this I'm quite happy with the house icon you can set a color to it maybe this is our pink base hell yeah, you can also customize whether or not this should be a small or a large marker on the map we'll set it to large there's also a couple of customization options here for how it will behave in the compass so you can set it to like never show up in the compass you can have it to show up only when you're close to it in the compass you can also set it to be you know always pretty much showing up, and yeah apply that stuff and then we'll show up and as you may notice here it's showing up at the compass and customize it so that it's off, and then it's gone you can also do this like for you know like every, marker that you place in the compass and like tie them all in we'll get to that in a bit next up you may notice like all