May 13th, 2022 Video Doing away with Beacons

May 13th, 2022 Video

Doing away with Beacons

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we've done to how you interact with the map is that we've done away with beacons, the main reason for this is because we felt that they were too clunky to use and it's always awkward when you're like you have to run up to the beacon to configure it so when you're like far away on the map and you have all the beacons like placed you can't like remove them easily individually you have to like actually go to them physically, you can't change the names stuff like that so we always felt that like it's better to just interact with them on the map there are some cases where we feel like beacons might still be useful so we kind of see like if we actually do away with them completely, but the this system is sort of designed to like fill in you know sort of the same functionality as the beacons and more sort of so, so