November 30th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Is the focus now on content/project parts?

November 30th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Is the focus now on content/project parts?

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now that a lot of quality of life problems have been added is the focus now on content slash project parts, yes and no, there's still there's still some fixes and stuff that need to to go into update five so there's still some work being done but the the shift is, pretty much going towards the next update now there have been a few people who have been working on the new update stuff for quite some time now, even before update 5 came out because you know not everyone can do the same thing at the same time some people finish their work within the lifestyle of an update earlier and then they can move on to other things sooner so that's what's been happening yes and, like I know that like it it might seem frustrating to to see that like why aren't you is I see this comment from time to time like why aren't you next up that you just focus on fixing bugs and do nothing else and we could do that but that wouldn't take the game further and like push it along to towards like 1.0 so like it might be seem frustrating that like we're not stopping at update 5 and fixing all the things that are that you might have issues with but like from our point of view like it's it's more important that we get the game rolling and finish finish the game, because we will reach a point where we will try and solve all those like tiny issues and like annoying bugs and has tainted the game for so long like we will get to that at some point but it's more important that we finish the game than that we try and like wrap up all the tiny little things like so long as it's not game breaking and like blocking you in any way then and if there's a workaround for any issues then we'd rather spend that time putting in the content that we want to have in the game for us to release it, yeah like I mean we could spend the next few months only doing update five fixes and then we might get it to a point where it's like not really crashing for many people, but then you're not gonna get update six until you know I don't know middle of next year or later yeah so that you're not gonna get any new content for I don't know seven eight months or something and then when that comes the bugs will come back again yeah exactly yeah so like it's it's just when we think in long term how do we get the game finished and stabilize as quickly as possible it's better to move on than fix literally everything definitely causes some issues in the short term but yeah it's a tricky balance because we we have to think about long term but we also don't want to like abandon everyone that are finding things annoying like we try to we try and find that middle path you know but like we can't do everything for everyone like for some people it'd be like oh you saw this thing that it was annoying for me you know it's great but then for some people it's like why didn't you fix this specific thing so it is tricky it is tricky but