November 30th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Handball

November 30th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Handball

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matt yes- I know so I was I went skating at a school a few weeks ago and there was like a bunch of people there yes matt it was a hamble tournament I heard yeah handball is the in sweden it's like such a I've never seen it before it's such a popular sport in sweden my dad was actually elite, playing the elite handball, what's it called like the swedish elite team in handball holy yeah pro handler pro handball I bet you've got some natural handball skills in your blood sure nice that's how that works actually I actually have a story about that because like- I played goalie when I played, because I had such slow reaction time when I was a teenager and it was good because like when you're a goalie you're you're pretty much like the only thing you do is just stand in the way of of the net like you're just blocking the net you're not doing anything advanced you're not like you know doing anything other than just like reacting to when they're throwing the ball but I had such a slow reaction time so I never got like frightened by the ball until it was too late you also didn't like try to stop it no but- I yeah well I did stop it because like I had you have your arms because you were there yeah I was there mostly but like when you're like when you're starting out like the biggest issue is that people are like scared of getting hit by the ball because it hurts right and so then they like curl up yeah exactly they so like their reaction is like here comes the ball and they like instead of trying to block it they like, well yeah but I was the other way around where it's like and then I get hit and then I was like oh I feel like you just called out, goalkeepers by the way goalkeepers they just they just kind of stand there for him I mean I mean that's what I felt like when I was playing like I didn't really do much I just like I just stood there and just like you block it and throw it out because because they score a lot like it's it's very common that people score in handball so it's really hard to be a keeper right right