May 18th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: Update 5

May 18th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: Update 5

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state of dev cool, take it away you know exciting what's going on all right, if you remember anything at all- I do I just don't know what is news and I don't know what means that's just supposed to be said or not like I don't know what you said last week or anything I don't I don't think, I'm trying to remember as well what I've said, so we're still what we've said is that update five is gonna come sometime fall 2021 and there's gonna be one bajillion people saying oh 2022 confirmed, so we're working on these five we've kind of changed a little bit how we were structuring the updates, when we decided to not do update five before our vacation period so to speak, so the update five is going to be a little bit bigger than we anticipated, and it changed a little bit how we yeah our structure essentially, so so that's like confirmed so far once we have a date once we actually know when we think update five actually mislead that we'll let you guys know of course, and, yeah we're gonna try and do a similar thing with update 4 where before we you know reveal update 5 we're going to like give you guys some info about update 5 of what's going to change and if there's any rebalancing that you need to do or and what's coming in update 5 essentially and, but when that starts I don't know exactly because it depends a little bit about when we feel like the update 5 is going to come there's going to be an epic trailer yes we've actually already started working on that


so, yeah a lot a lot of exciting things are happening we're still pretty much in like the planning phase of things so we've started prototyping some things for update five we're trying to narrow down like what update five is gonna be exactly, and, once a lot of cool stuff from update five that's like yeah sort of already functional yeah it's pretty cool and as soon as we feel like now it's a good time to start like revealing things then we're gonna start revealing things essentially so but in between now and then you're stuck with us or something and we have some ideas for for content in the meantime as well interesting stuff maybe some some stuff that's like kind of about update for but more in-depth or you know informative it might still be interesting you know so we can we can milk update for a little longer exactly my words almost exactly yeah, yeah so, that's that's pretty much state of dev currently like there's probably there's going to be a little bit of period now where maybe you won't get like the latest and greatest news every single week you know because because things really ramp up like the last couple of months before we reach like our internal deadline or whatever for things, and like yeah right now we're just like trying to figure out what's going on and, what we want to do yeah and it's it's sort of like a you know I'm not developing anyone or a programmer anymore and you know neither you but this this point like right after an update is usually like pretty exciting when you start working on a bunch of new stuff because you start you start getting a lot of like from my experience like a lot of quick wins because yeah you're making new things it's a really creative process, you bust out a bunch of features they're not quite working yet but they're cool and they're new and they're fresh you know for us so it's usually like I don't know what the the, the dev team is like but feeling at the moment but- I know that in my experience this period is usually pretty exciting pretty fun yeah, time it's also a period where everything feels possible and you're like oh it's going to be amazing and we're going to be able to like build this amazing machine thing that can shoot lasers and poop on poop gold and stuff and then when you actually start developing it you're like oh there's limitations here, but before you get to that point when you're prototyping everything looks good and dandy, yeah and then you get close to the deadlines and then the stress comes in yeah the existential dread kicks in and then and everyone's like give us the update we're like oh god yeah pretty much