January 31st, 2023 Livestream Intro / State of Dev

January 31st, 2023 Livestream

Intro / State of Dev

00:00 Intro
02:43 Pass it On Event Review
06:32 State of Dev
19:59 Q&A: How many Updates until the final release?


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thank you hello everybody and welcome to the weekly Dev stream no calendar in this time huh yes no idea oh [ __ ] I forgot to do the screen share I had dude that's so funny because I did have it so you were looking at this the countdown yourself yeah you didn't show me a good one wait you had a countdown for when you were gonna transition damn it to let you know that you were gonna transition oh this dude's gonna transition I forgot to screen share on Discord so unnecessary oh God oh my God there's a street here's the lead he's got a countdown yeah here's the video at least you can see it on the screen now so now I can see it wow it was there you just have to imagine that would be great 20 seconds ago yeah no it's fine well you know what this she starts when I started picking you know the street start standard tree yes hey everybody how's it going welcome hope for hope everyone's good welcome welcome to stream welcome to stream holy [ __ ] hopefully it's a stream o'clock it's streamer Club hopefully we've, resolved the audio issues that we had last week yeah we had some, audio issues should be good now should be good should be good trademark if it's not let us know let us know yes, so how's it going there yeah I don't know how's it going with you I'll tell you what a hell of fresh arrived just before stream yeah that's that's off, you should have you should have like stalled yeah right yeah just kept the delivery person there for like 10 15 minutes hang on just keep hanging on that just for a few seconds yeah yeah no seconds it's like a couple of minutes it's like, could you, wait there for like 20 minutes, yeah why I mean, I left my oven off yeah I love because, with my other hello fresh that I'm gonna, anyways we should everyone we should tell them we can't hear them oh that sounds that sounds awesome yeah that's how yeah it's gonna make some great content say hello everyone hello from Germany hello Germany entire nation of Germany just holy [ __ ] that's nice that's pretty cool, so yeah, if you haven't been here before then, usually what happens is we talk a little bit about what's going on with the game and we talk about stuff that's going on in the community in the community General satisfactory stuff that's going on that's right that's right this week you might notice up here there's no Community highlights yes and that's because the passing on event review that I think I'm poking yes perfect is, is gonna be kind of our community highlights this week yeah because it's the people in the community did that stuff and we're going to check it out so and that's a lot I think we're also going to be announcing the winner of that event right yes I believe we are yeah so if you if you if you were there for the the pass it on events and you're curious as to who who's gonna win I don't know if they have a prize because I think last time they did have a prize they had like, some kind of voucher or something but, someone here knows yeah let us know yeah, but, yeah so we're gonna be announcing a winner, from their internal voting and it's gonna be exciting and there's a lot of entries like last pass it on event was like maybe 20 or 30-ish people or so and like this time it was twice as many yeah yeah, actually snut, -huh, what is the past on event actually, actually the past actually I don't know what it is actually oh actually, let me tell you what it is because I actually know what it is, actually so the pass it on event is like a live streaming event where a bunch of our content creators or like anyone really like content creators for satisfactory, get together and like do a long very long like marathon of streams almost you can call it where like whenever the first person playing is like raiding the next one and what they're doing is they're building on like a little, a field or whatever like the ocean inside a factory where they have a theme and it's like a build battle almost so they have like a 10 by 10 grid or whatever the grid was this time, and they have to build something along with the themes it's a very creative build it's not like Factory or maybe it could be a factory functioning thing I don't know if anyone's done that usually it's more like an artistic design yeah exactly yeah there's like a theme that they build too exactly so there's so this time there was 66, let's see if I read that right yeah 66 contact Raiders that were on the save file and then they took that save file and sent it Forward kind of like how we did it a long time ago we made the hot potato video where we had a bunch of coffee standards join in and do something creative in a safe file and then we kind of reacted to it yep it's got to be kind of like that we're going to be reacting to what people built I have not seen anything like- I was pretty much not seen anything yeah I was away while it happened so I was away from keyboard and I've tried to stay away as much as I can I had to test the save file today to just make sure that it runs and everything but other than that I have no clue what we're getting into so it's going to be very exciting yeah it's gonna be cool it's gonna be super cool yes, yeah and and for those who don't know that whenever these events run there's been two of them it's kind of like a marathon of content so like at any point you can drop in and see who's got the save file and what they're working on and it you know this time it went for like almost a whole week or something like that so yeah it was pretty pretty cool pretty amazing event it reminds me a little bit of like httq or like you just you know it's on like during that week you know it's on so you're just like I'm just gonna turn it on and see who's on and what's going on so it's really nice yeah it is really nice yes good one so, yeah looking forward to, finally checking out all the builds that's going to be great yes and I don't know if there's a new one planned or if there's one coming up but yeah DC is the one who's organizing that [ __ ] so I believe or they're part of part of organizing it so I believe there is one being organized hell yeah I believe I'm sure yes we will help, with signal boost whenever that happens because I don't know when I want to be but it would be cool to see it again it's it's a really lovely event but before we get to that we're going to talk about the game and what's going on in terms of develop development of the game yeah and we've got a lot to talk about don't we oh yeah you better believe it buddy so many things to talk about like for instance do you have an example what should we start where should we start Jace do you have any idea oh I mean- I thought that you know you're you're back again you should take it you should take it I'm back again I know exactly what's going on in the world of satisfactory yep exactly yeah Dave is probably hopefully good Davis, day wasn't what was it he was in an accident or what was the thing no no he had a pancreatitis I think it was yeah yeah he was sick he accidentally had pain pancreatis yeah yeah he went he went and got it yeah yeah, but he's doing better but yeah yeah but then as for the game, we're still kind of we're still working on update eight basically yeah so so if you didn't know we are doing it on update eight I don't know if maybe that is actually like established at this point yeah yeah it's been it's been someone it has been like formally announced or anything but yeah on the low like keep it secret you guys don't tell anyone okay but we are working on update exactly yeah it's just between you and you and us yeah yeah, I guess I guess one thing we we can say though which is, if if people haven't joined in too much or like watch our videos and stuff like that if you are not in the regular like we are game development for satisfactory focuses a lot right now on finishing the game and leaving early access so we've been focusing a lot on that and almost all our like decisions when it comes to you know patching the game and updating the game they kind of go hand in hand with that decision that we are one of them we we are gonna finish the game at some point and we are going to leave early accesses yes at some point, so the last couple of updates we've had since like update six seven and and eight is also probably going to be the same case there these have been pretty small updates, All Things Considered like there hasn't been a ton of content I know that some people have told us that wasn't a small update but in our mind it kind of are small updates like even though they are kind of game changing you know content-wise there isn't too much new and that's because we are focusing on you know stabilizing the game fixing up the systems that are going into the big like the 1.0 release there's also a bunch of content in 1.0 that we don't want to release until the final release of the game and that's probably you know that where's that's where the cool stuff is at, so in between then and now you're gonna get these like you've been getting these kind of updates with, less things so like last subject was Blueprints and, but they they set us up they set us up to, finish in the end exactly and and the updates also have been like kind of half not Half Baked but like you know in update seven there were things that we couldn't finish so or sorry an update six different things we couldn't finish so we in update seven there was a couple of things that were like stragglers and update sex and the same deal goes probably here in update that there's probably a couple of stragglers in update seven yeah they want to finish up, and like for what for example blueprints for example blueprints is something that we, we didn't really consider to be finished, but we needed to get out with update seven, so that we one we can get feedback from you guys but also because other parts of the update, we kind of kind of required all that to be in as well yeah, but we had the intention of, you know working on the more so there's going to be more blueprint work coming in update eight most likely so for sure update seven was definitely like with blueprints Update 7 was definitely a thing where we really value the the feedback and like how see how the game would change in terms of how people play it and stuff like that so it was so important for us to just get the update out, before the end of the year so that we could get that feature feedback and you know even though we didn't finish blueprints in like the best state that they could be in you know it was still really valuable for us to do that, yep so that's that's how the things are going right now that's and that's how it's going to be until the release of the game essentially we do want to focus on you know getting these like things right, before the final release and as to how many updates there are until the final release because I know that people always like as soon as we release One updates I was like when's the next one, we don't know at this, point or or maybe I know or maybe we do know but we don't want to tell you exactly yeah oh [ __ ] I know exactly how many actually is it an even or odd number Chase yes perfect answer yes so, but but yeah another 14 updates, Wild Ride, but yeah as to like when things are happening, we have like an internal idea but we never we can't really say anything because we don't know if that's gonna actually give me a thing we changed our minds all the time, so we don't really have any news really in terms of updated yet but we will hopefully soon yeah pretty soon yeah yeah hopefully we can start doing teaser stuff fairly soon yeah see I'll go see how it goes