January 18th, 2022 Livestream Q&A: What has Snutt leaked?

January 18th, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: What has Snutt leaked?


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what a snoot leaked what have I what have I leaked I don't know stuff have you licked anything wait didn't you like there there are a few I can remember that there were a few like, sort like, clips or something that were cited on the wiki yeah of [ __ ] that you've learned but like I don't remember if the things that you liked were actually things that are coming or not for sure I'm trying to remember- I remember which clip you're referring to yeah I'm I'm thinking I don't want to say it though I don't want to say it but it at this point it's it's been released whatever I leaked but I can't remember I only remember like what we did I'm gonna be honest I don't remember update four like I don't remember what we did for update four I don't remember working in update four I don't remember ps5 remembers update four oh yeah I remember I remember the patch notes video yeah me too I don't remember any teaser video we did for update for like yeah I don't really remember either it's kind of like it's all gone, so I only remember like the last couple of months update four never happened yeah yeah yeah I think drones were the first thing we added to the game oh yeah it was jonathan up there yeah it all black accelerator yeah hover pack thugger getting murdered true good times good times not murdered no it was you never know well it was just making death noises you don't know if that's exactly like I could make death noises now doesn't mean I'm dead yeah exactly right


I'm still I'm still here yeah me too but because I was or or am I because that was literally the sound effect was me going but do you remember the sound effect when, in the last simon saga when I'm running past the [ __ ], the screen oh yeah I'm like


that's a good one