February 7th, 2023 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Player model

February 7th, 2023 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Player model


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okay we're gonna we're gonna update the player model at some point, because the play model has been a little bit buggy oh oh I want to share this too because I actually got confirmed from Stefan a while ago that I could say this by the way but here confirmation from CEO yeah here here's a fun little fact y'all the player model that we have in the game like the actual mesh that you're playing as usually the way though it works is we make like a we make a 3D model of whatever we want to put in the game and we make it like super detailed and like it can be super high poly because what we usually do is you take the Super poly model and then you bake like the the the the the lighting off the model or like the lighting data rather into textures and then you remove a bunch of of polygons and you can use the texture to sort of make it look more detailed so that's to save like confusion time right so the Pioneer the player character is like one of the most detailed characters in the game and we lost the original character mesh so the the mesh we have in the game is like the shitty version of the character model we don't have the original anymore it's gone we don't know what happened to it it's it's just not there anymore so yeah so, we're gonna need to remake it at some point


so a good time good one good times good good us, make sure to save your control s save it back up no matter what you do this is why I'm constantly nagging about backing up your save files and sometimes people like disappointed you know you want to like oh my God these guys aren't professional oh they didn't know what this building was oh you guys don't understand this is company-wide this is company-wide yeah yeah we're sorry but we're doing our best okay we're sorry but we're doing our best I think the theory is that like we thought we were versioning controlling it or something but we worked so how and it also happens to us apparently it's specifically your fault Jace I mean true probably yeah it's whose fault voice meter, voice reader yeah stupid voice meter oh thank God yeah thanks self-report thank God we're not using voicemail anymore it happened when you refactor the code yeah yeah now I'm wondering I'm like I wonder if I have the model lying around anyway who knows