July 6th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: What is the process like for translating?

July 6th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: What is the process like for translating?


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okay so, I guess the next thing that I'm curious about is like what is the process like I can direct this one to let's just say megalian like so what is the process like for translating, if if yeah well I guess that's that's at least you start with of course an empty slate and generally you want to of course know what kind of words your language really needs and certain words are really hard to translate in the game like of course the pressurizer one of the newest game, buildings in update four it's not quite that easy to translate in german we had to resort to a community build tourists decide on a new name and, I've had two why why is it why is it hard to translate like so that's the resource well pressurizer you're talking about yeah there is riser, really there's no in german there's no really good equivalent of pressurizer we have like of course a few machines like compressor or a fetish also another name for compressor but there aren't really any good alternatives for that and a few of the let's say google translations are not very fitting they sound awful and so we have to resort a lot of time and resources to come kind of with translations of course damn so in in that case like who then decides what the the final word for pressurizer was then or, we basically just decided on a community vote and a lot of people decided yeah compressor sounds about right and then I as one of the many proofreaders just talked to the other guys and we just said yeah compressor sounds about right and then we just wrote it up and upload it down and crowd in yeah right so so when you say, community which there are many community many other community translators for german or many other languages of course, some of us banded together in a discord server just to talk about german and as far as I'm aware german has the most translators oh how many translators does german have I know about 20 active ones maybe alex knows more well I don't have the stats right at the top of my head but I can get them in like a couple of minutes so keep talking and I'll tell you someone in chat wrote that there's like a hundred german translators I take it that that's probably the true probably maybe there's a lot