August 30th, 2022 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: #ONE28AF

August 30th, 2022 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: #ONE28AF

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but a lot of cool stuff things that we're going to show today as well because community highlights is back baby oh yeah baby your baby you better believe it so we're gonna showcase some stuff, I essentially grabbed the cool stuff that I found that I could find one other thing we had to talk about was there what was it this saturday saturday oh yeah [ __ ] getting hell you're not wrong holy [ __ ] I can't believe I even have this is why I'm here guys yeah I even had notes here for it I go on break for three months yeah yeah no super exciting this saturday this saturday saturday saturday but the thing for the whole season you only need huge, there's going to be another 128 event if you guys are unfamiliar with what the 128 event is it's a event hosted by brandy g hey isn't here chat yay, we're essentially they're trying to like break the record of, the amount of pioneers in game they can stack on top of each other you know like a tower sort of, I believe the record is like 79. oh I think it's 96. I'm pretty sure it's like 96.96 I can't remember brain brain 96 there we go, so and and then the goal to reach is 128 based on I barely remember the the origin story of this event but it was something with, I set some limit to multiplayer where you could only have 128 people working or something in the game at the same time or something like that, so they're trying to do that and, since the release of dedicated servers, it's been possible to have a lot more people on the same server so, since release of dedicated servers that event has kind of made it possible and the other the other thing is this event is not it's not only about that like you know the whole stacking of people takes a while organizing that that's like one part of it right which runs a bit but like during the event there's a bunch of other things that happens too there's like little build battles that happen on the side that that are that are shown, there's like like like game show stuff that we play with like a bunch of satisfactory content creators snoot and I will be on the show as well, so there's like a a bunch of it's like it's like an evening of like fun stuff so it's not simply watching people stack honestly it's a it's a really great, event so I think anyone if you're interested in the game I think you would enjoy the entire event and of course you can stop by and, help out because we need we need people to actually stack as well right so, anyone who can swing by jump in the game and help with the stacking would be great yeah it is it is such a it is such a full stack show if you part the pun very good yeah cause like both like the show itself is also really well like put up together and super good production super production yeah it's a hoot to watch for sure so do not miss it this saturday these 128 events are like one of some of the biggest events that and coolest events that happen in the satisfaction for sure, so it's this saturday at I think it's 6 00 p.m yeah cest yeah I think that's what it is, and it's on, brain is it experimental or stable version no it's the early access or early access early access okay so yeah make sure you're in the early access version folks, the the event itself I'll I'll put a link to the tweet which has all the information there


and it will be on the twitch account satisfactory events so make sure you throw satisfactory events a follow notified, yeah if you want to take part make sure you have the early access version installed, and it would be super super good if you could make it there and help with the stacking yeah because you never know maybe we'll get to the, maybe we'll get to 128 this time rumor has it that it will be made but doubts it's in my head I don't know how you feel but we'll see how it goes we'll see how it goes yep you'll have to tune in saturday to find out okay let me I'll put a link to the actual twitch channel as well yeah make sure I've got the right one here yep I'll just do the the shout out command jace do we have this shot no sick you think we prepare [ __ ] for this I'll pretend that we do look at that wow shut up