March 8th, 2022 Livestream Snutt Talk: New streaming schedule

March 8th, 2022 Livestream

Snutt Talk: New streaming schedule

00:00 Intro
00:37 Technical Difficulties
02:36 New streaming schedule
03:32 ✈🌏🦘
03:58 Timezones
05:21 Future updates on time slots

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hey everybody my name is jason I'm joined by this guy we're here again for another dev stream with the community managers here at coffee stain studios hello everybody hello how's everybody hello hey everybody how's it going super excited to be here yet again with jace this this this week, we've been, we had so much fun last time and whoa jace what's whoa jace what's happening with your camera oh no jason's camera is glitching out wait one second wait I think, [ __ ] this happened last week as well I don't think wait are you there jace can you hear me no oh [ __ ] I think jay's cut out, I'm not too sh wait yeah jesus jason's like footage is just gone for me yeah it's 404 over here I'm not getting any reception, should should I just like should I just keep going jace and just like do the stream regularly until you figure out your [ __ ] yes I think that I think that is correct all right all right that sounds like a plan all right, all right let's let's do that then, cool, cool hey everybody welcome to another weekly dev stream why are the captions not working, this is so annoying I thought I fixed this last week maybe I didn't weird this annoys me to a weird degree la la la la saying something okay whatever I'll I guess I'll need to look into that again next week because I thought I've fixed it or whatever, welcome everybody to, another weekly dev stream, who would have thought that we'd be here again this week yeah having technical difficulties is part of our brand so like you know you're getting what you're paying for okay, oh there we go I think they kicked in now maybe hopefully hopefully hopefully closed captions will work, as usual fingers crossed anyway, yeah so so welcome to another weekly dev stream which you may or may not have noticed is not starting on the regular time oh isn't that weird it is weird, so yeah I'm just going to address that real quick before before moving on so the reason why we're shifting around the time slot and it might so this is the current type news time slot we're moving it up one hour we might move it again and we might need to move drastically, but the main reason why we're moving the time slot is because me and jace who unfortunately's camera is not working right now but, me and jace are in two different time zones right now and, we're trying to figure out sort of like what a good time slot would be that works for both of us, jace has been deported yes, no jason jace is, jason's in australia right now you guys, and australia is very far far away and, right now I'm pretty sure it's kind of like late for him, so, I mean so late that his camera's glitching out but I don't know what to tell you citation needed exactly so yeah we're in different time slots, sorry we're in different time zones and we're trying to and it's gonna be like this for a little bit and we're gonna try and figure out like what makes more sense for everyone essentially what makes sense for us in terms of like doing the stream itself but also like maybe we'll give some of the u.s peeps a little bit more of a of an advantage because we usually do these kind of early for you as peeps I've seen some people that show up here at 6 a.m which is insane specifically west coast people always get screwed off by this time slot, so in the future we might do this stream way later, or we might need to do way earlier, like we're kind of like we'll we'll see what happens essentially,


right now nothing is set in stone and you know we're gonna like experiment a little bit and try things out and I think like this is probably the best time to do it you know since I'm kind of moving into state of development territory here but since we are in this phase of you know us working on the game and we don't really have anything to show as of yet I think this is like the best time really to do this kind of stuff, so, yeah that's that's essentially why we started the stream early and this is the current time slot we might move it again we will let you guys know both on discord and on twitter maybe on facebook maybe I should post it on facebook too I forgot about that today, but, yeah we will let you guys know when sort of we decide further do we have like a thing on twitch by the way where like we set the time thing we do maybe I should change that too can I do that from here maybe not but that's another thing like that could be also a thing like if you're not certain check the, it's not correct now but there's like the countdown thingy on twitch which I will update, or maybe we'll use the twitch schedule feature thingy that they added,


we'll see but yeah we're kind of like figuring this out as we go and we will try to keep you posted, so you know check our twitter check our discord, hopefully check this one in the future to like see what time slots we're in at the moment, if you don't want to miss this but if you you know the vaude is always there in case you do miss it, I know that it's always more fun to hang out when it's live but you know if we do the vod will always be there and regardless if you're here or not and I appreciate everyone who is here it's always a lot of fun to, hang out with you guys and talk about all the things that are going on in the world, that of satisfactory, so yes what did I miss you missed nothing I was just explaining why we started early