October 27th, 2020 Patch Notes Q&A: What material are they going to use for the new Pipes & Pumps?

October 27th, 2020 Patch Notes

Q&A: What material are they going to use for the new Pipes & Pumps?


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anything else what material are they going to use for the new pipes do you have any of the yeah that kind of I do know, let me just look up my notes here real quick because I did get that like two years ago, so the one thing I can say about the difference between the mark ii pump and the mark one pump is that, the way they're balanced right now it's if you already have like a bunch of mark 1 pumps set up you there's no real gain of replacing them with mark 2 pumps, you might even actually lose out a little bit on power because the mark ii pumps are a little bit more power consuming than the regular mark 1 pumps, unless like you really need the material from mark one pumps or like one wanted to look nice, then I guess that's the thing because here's the thing, as of this patch when you're upgrading pipe mark one to mark two you can do that same way you do with conveyor belts where like you aim at the pipe and then you just pipe mark two, you can't do that with mark ii pumps though right now, just because of the reason that you said that you actually lose a bit of power by doing that, but if y'all really really really want that feature, make sure to slap that on our keyway site, questions.satisfactory. and let us know that you want to be able to upgrade pumps the same way you can do with belts, but okay so pumps cost two motors eight plastic and four aclad sheets, so they're quite expensive and they consume 12 megawatts of power and I don't remember what the mark one uses but I think it's 10 megawatts so they're a little bit more power hungry but there's the same size as smart one pumps, and did it yeah exactly so it allows 10 more, before actually stops pumping so you can place them 55 meters effectively which which you get is from the the head lift snap so I was right about that one at least, let's see if there's anything else yeah that's pretty much it and mark ii pipelines cost, one plastic and one aluminium backlight sheet so they're also quite expensive, and the pipes are unlocked in tier seven and, well maybe I should spoil that I don't know but in the box I fire fine and the same thing for pumps they're also, unlocked there but valves they're a different story and I don't know what they're but maybe they're also unlocked there it doesn't actually say my notes so yeah I think they're before tier seven actually about to find out so yeah that's the cost of of those right now and like with with anything with the game you know all the the like costs of recipes and whatnot that might change somewhat in the future, if you feel like something is too expensive or something is too cheap make sure to let us know on the keyway site, and yeah give us feedback on what the going on in the game