January 24th, 2023 Livestream Intro / State of Dev

January 24th, 2023 Livestream

Intro / State of Dev

00:00 Intro
01:20 Puppy Leave
04:29 Exciting things happening soonish
06:03 1.0
06:35 Welcome back to normalcy
07:25 After Community Highlights
07:43 State of Dev
08:09 QA Site / communication & feedback
10:55 State of Dave
11:56 Swedish Healthcare


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thank you howdy Partners Jace here we're back with a weekly stream welcome everybody Welcome hello everyone hope you're all doing good are we muted I bet we're muted aren't we and I say we it's not just me and the voices in my head today I got someone else snoots well I don't know where he is but it's not supposed to be here snip buddy are you there are you okay is everything good foreign yeah it's been it's been a while it has been welcome back thank you thank you I need to shave, yeah well I mean I think I think everyone is pretty understanding because I did show that you were captured by a vicious killer held hostage, I believe you escaped just a couple days ago yes so, it's good to be back actually because I've been, been kind of like I don't know why but for some reason in the last couple of weeks I've been like I kind of want to work you yeah it's kind of weird ew yes but for those who don't know I've been away on I've had it like an extended, Christmas break if you will like I've been, we've gotten a puppy and fraternity leave yes a puppy puppy Leaf I got pictures wait I prepare this [ __ ] one boy got pictures yeah man a little puppy oh boy oh wow her name is Evie she's a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever which is a mouthful and, yeah just rolls off the tongue just been hanging out holy [ __ ] watching her grow up escaped convict this is what she looks like now oh it's coming right for us well it grew quite a bit already yeah she it's it's insane because like this is when we this is like the day after we got her and this is yeah like last weekend they grow up holy cow it's like a legit dog now yeah she's just like a small, version of her grown-up self yeah turn up Snow by six decibels okay I'll actually I'll legit do that six decibels you got it one two three four five six okay seven is Right Out is this is this better this is literally six decibels it's weird because it didn't make a difference in Discord but I can hear you fine yeah no it shouldn't better actually perfect actually perfect wait holy [ __ ] Manu knows it all actually does though do you want to be our producer for the show yeah holy cow super good yeah very good very good very nice, so yeah I just been spending time with her and making sure she gets like a good start in life, because you and it's it's a little tricky because like she's kind of grown up now but it's still kind of like it's not super convenient having a puppy while you while you're working, you kind of have to like because I sleep when she sleeps kind of and, if she doesn't sleep then I don't sleep, which was the case tonight so, if I seem extra jittery it's because well you know what look Manu wants another three or four DB that's I asked him for a bit much now this isn't a charity where'd you just give DBL like that you know what I can also do I can also turn you down like like oh I'm melting like we don't get material like this isn't a like actual maternity leave for dogs it's I took actually actually in Sweden people get more maternity leave for puppies than they do humans, actually, actually paternity yeah I know it's it's yeah no I just took time off so I don't actually get paid but you get paid no something at all I get paid in, in exposure exposure same our streams are doing great oh yeah oh yeah yeah but good back good to be back, we've got some exciting things happening kind of soonish on on like internally I don't know how much we can say yet but there's there's a bunch of cool [ __ ] happening- I never I never leaked my excitement no no no, so I'm kind of stoked to be back, and you guys will yeah find out soon to have you back it's good to, be able to focus you know it's having the extra hands on deck so I can focus on some other stuff too yeah it is, because it was the same thing you were gone before I went on paternity leave and it's like it's it's it's there's a lot of we do a lot of things and like when one of our Lee one of us leaves it's like oh then I kind of need to cover base and then we realized like how the hell could could one person do this job yeah I remember I remember I remember why we hired got you in to do Community Management yeah I think it was a reason it was a bit much I was I was thinking about it when you were gone, when you were your leave I was like damn Jace did this for like a year and a half yeah and it was harder it was honestly harder than as well because like that's when like there was so much crazy stuff going on in community yeah like that's when the game was like announced it was pre-alpha like things were way more like I don't know if we have more people in the community now or not but people were more so like charged because the game wasn't out you know and it was and it was close so yeah it was an interesting time racing time I much prefer the chill times like now but it was exciting it was fun but I'm sure it'll pick up again once we hit 1.0 yeah yes which we definitely don't have a date for it yet yeah pretend or I mean there are dates but I'm I don't believe them we've had we've had 1.0 dates before we've had many dates including one year before we released on Earthly access being a 1.0 date actually, yeah so, but yeah welcome back to our or welcome welcome back you guys have probably been here a couple of weeks, checking chase out but, welcome to the weekly Dev stream where we sort of hang out and we sort of, hang out and answer questions or talk about stuff that's going on at the moment, we're kind of in between updates right now so like we don't have too much like new new information, but hopefully soon but hopefully soon, we can still talk a lot about you know other things that are going on or general things about the game, which we intend to do today, as well because Jace released a video last week, but I've that I've been wanting for us to release for a long time, bringing up the state of the bug reporting and such and we'll talk about just swooped in there yeah we'll talk about that a little bit later, but I was thinking of moving the these two around so we do state of Dev first Maybe, sure it's weird that you have state of Dev slash Dave because I don't really know what to say about Dev but I have something about okay then let's let's jump into it I can okay, well let's think here state of Dev let's see, so there there have been certain things have been kicked off internally about certain features that could you know, that we're going to be working on soon, so that's pretty cool I don't really want to talk about what those are or any details right now, yeah all I can say is that we're we're kind of just working we're kicking off different features and we're we're getting into, making stuff yeah not really too much to say apart from that, oh one thing I can talk about maybe I don't know if we save this for the bugs in satisfactory maybe we'll who knows I'm just gonna talk about now because I remember it now and I don't want to forget it, but as for the QA site, we have had meetings about what we can do to improve that, and certain things certain actions there are certain things that we can do right away certain things that, need other things done first and so we're getting all those balls rolling and, yeah so so right now it looks like we should be getting a little bit more, feedback on the QA site, we'll hopefully that can ramp up a little bit over time, and hopefully it'll be enough now we can't we can't and I don't think we're going to strive for this you know thing where literally every single post gets like all the attention in the world and all the feedback in the world but we want to make sure that we can get get things to a point where, you know enough things are getting feedback and the major things are getting feedback and that the the expectation that people have when they go to the QA site is that there's a decent chance that- I well if if there's been any action in my post I should at least get some feedback for it so yeah we'll see it's kind of cool that because I you did mention it in the video and I guess we'll talk a bit more it's kind of nice that we actually did a little bit movement of that already when we already when we already mentioned in the video that this is something that we need to discuss internally yep yeah I proposed some stuff to the team and and they were like yeah for sure and there's certain people who thinks that you know we could we can work things in, to our current workflow and then we're also going to look into other things like there are some features for the site that's needed as well and so we'll have to, do what we can to make that happen too, but one thing for sure is that it's it's definitely something where the ball kind of got dropped a little bit I think, because I know that, like our QA folks, have always wanted more features on the site but the development of it stops because the person who was developing the site at the time, ended up leaving coffee stain at that time so things kind of just stalled a little there and then we never picked up the ball again and I think it's great that we're doing that again so like the site hasn't like the site is is doing improvements on the site it will mostly be beneficial for for our community because like I think we've been pretty good internally at keeping track of stuff but yeah but yeah that's the thing is like y'all don't see us yeah track your stuff that's the problem to you it seems like we're never looking at the side but that's not that's not the case at all, we'll talk more about that in a second, but you also have some yeah yeah so, I should I should have started with state of Dave because this would have been a seamless transition into bugs and satisfactory but, state of Dave was sick you guys oh no he was he was sick Davis by the way Davis, it's just Dave all right or just leave, Dave oh Dave is here heroic replica so Dave it's Dave from heroic replicas who does our merch by the way I got that Dave, but Dave was sick he had, pancreatitis and he wants everyone to know yeah that sucks that the Canadian socialized Health Care kicks ass because he got treated and I think he didn't pay anything which is great so I'm glad that he got the treatment that he needed and that his, financially fine as well, and then he also wants everyone to know that you know what there's some big news coming there's some big news who knows wow who knows what it is I couldn't possibly know right [ __ ] blue balling everyone constantly here like oh 1.0 big news for Merch oh oh yeah who knows I am but yeah David's doing okay now I believe so the thing oh parking was eight dollars I'm sorry to hear that still thinking about one of my favorite moments when it comes to like healthcare was when you had surgery and you got the bill and you were like this battery I bought yesterday was more expensive than the search you bought like a like a battery for one of your cameras you're like the battery was more expensive than the surgery was [ __ ] kills me because you were sitting, both of your hands you're like this one is a lot more than the other one actually Sweden how about you help me with battery purchases actually how can we socialize batteries yeah yeah