June 22nd, 2021 Livestream Q&A: What do you have to do to become an Art Director?

June 22nd, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: What do you have to do to become an Art Director?

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how do you what do you have to do to become an art director like i i do you go to art director school or like what's the what's the path to like art director uh yeah it's a very uh yeah that's actually a really good question and uh wow i wish i had a clear answer to that um i think it's um usually it's appreciated to have like a foundation like in hands on art i mean i come from i come from uh 2d i started off as a 2d generalist and i did a lot of ui work and 2d general work and also then did concept work and um i just developed towards the direction of taking over responsibility for project uh as a lead artist meaning um uh pitching like a pitching the the style of a game of a proposed game project within a company to management and saying i think we should be doing this of course in collaboration with the team coming up with a with a with a plan and then i'm going to sell them and make sure that um that we achieve what we set out to do so um within a smaller team and in a relatively small project and along the way learning stuff and teaching yourself about uh yeah about yeah art direction in general what it means like what what is what does a coherent look mean and then looking at why does why do some movies or games have a like a very nice bundled up coherent look like it's all like it built up a nice world and everything fits into that world and why does some uh some movies and games fail to have that so like maintaining a coherent vision for example um and i guess it's it's yeah it's partly it's partly getting started as an artist i would recommend getting started and as artists because you need to understand the work of an artist in order to direct artists that's a valuable thing nice