August 29th, 2023 Livestream Intro / State of Dev

August 29th, 2023 Livestream

Intro / State of Dev

00:00 Intro
03:09 Using Slido to collect questions
04:30 Plans for the gameplay portion of the stream
05:15 Checking on technical issues
06:25 State of Dev
07:05 More patches pushed than planned
12:09 In-development branches for Update 8
15:00 Unreal Engine 5.2 update
16:12 Performance-related patches

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thank you Hello everybody welcome back to me well autofocus hello yeah this is what we want oh and actually wait sometimes it doesn't hey everybody welcome hey everybody Welcome to the weekly Dev stream hello hope you're all having a good Tuesday it's, I'm having a real good time here, this mic I don't know what to put you in your place that's what you should be doing right anyways, hey everybody Welcome to the weekly Dev stream hope you're all having a fan whoops I just moved myself hello I feel like I hear him double hello maybe it's just me, it's just me yeah Zero versus one for microphone we'll move it after we're cycling anyway so it doesn't matter, like this mic looks so like finicky because it's like also small it's just like a little thing, but it's it's really powerful anyways welcome everybody to the weekly devstream, I am definitely hearing double on my end, I'm pretty sure you guys aren't hearing double so, yay me I'm still getting used to the new layout of things, yeah no double audio that's what I thought I'll I'll figure it out later anyways, oh maybe it's this one maybe it's this thing, maybe I fixed it no I didn't whatever it does it doesn't matter none of this matters anyways hello everybody no the sign is fine for you guys it's annoying for me because I hear myself like there's a little bit of an echo and I think I have two audio sources running my voice somewhere and I don't know what I changed but anyways welcome to the weekly Dev stream, where this like last couple of Dev streams I've been a weird like special because, I'm sort of half figuring out the new formula format which is not a new format because I do want to go back to the old format at some point, I just it's fun to do something else it's also fun just mix it up a little bit so that's what we're doing, one thing I forgot to check before I started the stream is one new thing we're doing with the stream apart from playing the game obviously is that we have we're using slido to like, collect questions that you guys have because I found that when I was playing the game, I was very distracted by the game and I felt like we weren't really talking about the game enough as like the point of the stream is you guys get an opportunity to ask us questions and we can talk about certain topics or not even questions if you want to talk me want me to talk about something specifically we can do that too, so so having that at the background in the background has been amazing and it's also nice because you guys can also vote on questions that you think are important or like topics that you want me to discuss so I see there's a huge win, so so we're gonna keep doing that and it's and it's up now so if you do exclamation mark AMA, you'll get a link to the slido and it's on like it's Anonymous that's also another positive thing because I think there was a couple of people that, wanted to ask questions but they didn't want to be in chat so like this is also optionally you know Anonymous please don't abuse this, and, yeah or put your name there if you're to a Channel or whatever if you want to me to see your name but pretty nice pretty nice, anyways that's pretty much what we're gonna do today we're gonna keep playing and, hopefully we'll set up Coal Power today which is very exciting I know there's a lot of people that get stuck on Coal Power, when playing our game so so maybe- I'm pretty sure that most people that tune in to these streams are quite into the game so I don't think anybody needs to learn like how to play it but, if there are people that have never played the game and are curious maybe we should have streamed this on our steam page as well I don't know anyways so so you guys get the chance to see and learn from the best okay so anyway I need to actually figure out why I'm hearing double because it is driving me nuts, and it's really strange because it's really strange I'm not sure why that is happening at all because I haven't changed anything since last time except for one tiny thing and it shouldn't be because of that pretty confidence is not but good nope it's not just checked okay weird maybe this was always the case maybe it's always heard dislike feedback, yeah because if I meet my mic I don't hear it but I also don't hear myself anymore so maybe I should just do that but I don't think it's so strange or maybe it's always been like this and I just haven't noticed anyways, do you even need head earphones I need it for for gameplay I want to hear the game I'm gonna hear the audio from the game I want to hear the power shutdown sound you know it's very important to me, before we dive into talk before we dive into playing the game I actually want to do a real quick state of Dev where is my thing there it is so let me update that Boop, just for if people and we're we're probably gonna do the same thing we did last time we're like I'll do this again at four so we'll get a rerun of state of Dev for people that may or may not have tuned in then or maybe we'll do that at the end of the stream we'll see but I'll probably reiterate this information at some point anyways but, we have posted we I posted a video two weeks ago which, that video is still like up to date in terms of long term what we're planning to do I guess some things have happened since then mainly that we posted more patches on experimental that we wanted to because we kept messing up we kept, the main reason why we kept making patches was because we were blocking for people playing the game and that was not something we planned to do we plan to just post like one or two patches and then focus on finishing the stuff that we have on like our main branch for update Aid so we can get that out as soon as possible on the stable branch, love the confused Shirt By the way dope, I hope you play the game because I worked on that, so so yeah briefly what happened was that when we pushed the update on experimental we broke dedicated servers on Linux, first we broke them because of steams like back end merging thingy because like when when we make when we make our builds it's a nightmare by the way it's a huge like we have a person dedicated just to to to like maintain our build server that we use to like just package the build and build the game, so what happened was when we uploaded the builds they all have like a version right like the the latest version right now is is and the way by the way we have two versions which is also a little bit confusing one of them is an actual like public version that we use to communicate like this is the this is a version of the game right the other one is a change list and the change list is essentially whenever we make a commit, to the game, that commits get like a stamp essentially so so and then when we build we take the latest commit that's on and that's essentially what we're building for and that build gets that stamp, and that's called a change list and we also display this in the corner of the game because we want to be able to track like in our Version Control System like when we look at people playing the game we want to be able to look at the game and be like oh this is that build so we're not like confused as to like what's going on if we see a bug and we're like but we fixed this we actually sometimes did fix it we just didn't realize what build people were playing on so that's why we display that in the corner, so the change list that's current 11 experimental should be 24 78 84., what happened was when we uploaded the first build was that we need to have all all builds need to have the same version right so they all need to match and when we uploaded the dedicated server build for Linux specifically it was the correct build but the steam server didn't merge or like the backend handle didn't merge the build for the correct change lists to give us the right version of it so people were getting version mismatched, and the only way to get around that was to make another build like even though it was the same version we had to make a new build same change list different build it's also confusing because we also track that but ignore that for now okay, so we actually didn't change anything of that build we just uploaded made it built it again and uploaded it but when we did that we realized that there was some like blocker with some module was loaded on dedicated service that wasn't supposed to be loaded loaded and that when we fixed that we also realized there was a couple of other issues and we didn't catch these issues because we didn't, fully test dedicated servers on Linux we test dedicated servers on Windows but we only have so much time and we do this like smoke screen testing you know so like we didn't have time to fix this, so that kind of made us realize we should probably automate that step, so I believe we have taken action to to, to be able to automate that aspect of build of the build so whenever we make a build we will get like a smoke test running automatically on dedicated servers for Linux specifically because we are testing it on data servers for Windows which is we didn't automate testing for dedicated search for Linux and you guys wanted to make console versions holy, anyways when we fixed that there was other issues with the signs so we're like ah, and we fixed that and the cost blockers I believe right now we have a build that's supposedly going to fix the last issue with dedicated servers, for signs specifically these are crashes some people are having for signs, should TM fix that, but here's the thing if it doesn't, we might need to just be like tough luck because we need to focus on like that the stable version stabilizing the version that we want to put out with like the 5.2 update and all that because we have two two things running at the same time right now we're working on the stabilizing the build for up to date which is the 5.2 branch and like the engine blah blah blah watch the video No don't watch the video I'm trying to summarize it here God I'm so bad at my job holy what am I doing here, we're working two separate things we have the experimental patches that have gone out that's been like a little side track for us we're just like patching up small things and that's a separate thing and then we're working on stabilizing update 8 where we updated to 5.2 Unreal Engine 5.2 we're also merging in an update to A system that we've refactored doesn't really add anything new to the game but we just needed to get that system in for us to keep working on the game further down the line, I'll probably talk a little bit about that in this week's video I'm I'm gonna summarize that in this week's video because I am planning to make a video this week, where I'm a little bit more prepared, so we want to focus on that build and that build is going to take a little bit longer because we need to stabilize it and blah blah so we don't want to spend too much time on those like patches the hot fixing that we're doing experimental we've been a little bit like sidetracked because of the issues that we've, run up to when when we're pushing this build, so yeah tldr is that we have posted a bunch of hotfixes on experimental right now and there's one more coming but I think that last one is going to be the last one for quite some time we need to go radio silent against the focus on stabilizing like the actual build that's going to be up to date, the actual version of it which will contain more bug fixes a couple more like, yeah enough to go to the engine a couple of more like features I think with regards to like, xcss the upscaling stuff I believe we also plan to do FSR in in that version, don't know if we're doing fsr3 I am not quite sure how that works because when we started doing this fsr3 was not a thing dlss 3.5 didn't exist and xcss, made an update to their upscaling thing like the day after we posted that so a lot of stuff moving in the upscaling algorithm Department of gamedev apparently and they happen to happen exactly after we made that patch, so good times so those will come further down the line, for now so so we need yeah we need to focus on that new build essentially cool need it works that's true, did I forget something else that that's for that's pretty much the state of things right now we're like in knee deep in that thing, and I think I'll be able to give a better update on Friday in the video that's coming out this week hopefully knock on wood, where you'll know more essentially, the 5.0 upgrade is is going as expected, some stuff broke which was expected but, that's the thing right we haven't been able to like Focus as much on that because of the patching issues that we've had on on experimental the last week or two and the the intention was to just make one or two hot fixes on experimental but we're up on like five now I think, so yeah that's that's how things are at the moment I don't think I think I've covered everything right now that I wanted to talk about in this state of Dev, so not too much has happened since last time we spoke but some things some things have happened so, so yeah, anything else how are you guys


you guys eating all right you guys staying hydrated whatever or don't who cares everyone always tells everyone to stay hydrated- I never stay hydrated and I don't have any issues I don't know I don't know


, but I think I think I'll mention this though real quick, because something that we've seen across the board is that people have seen a lot of performance improvements, which is quite nice it's very rare that we get an opportunity to to push a patch that solves like so many things at once when it comes to Performance because if you look at the game like back back when in terms of what you can do and what you can do now and blah blah blah and you compare the performance I mean we have the data so we see it but you guys you don't really see it when you're just playing the game like if you compare the build how it was before and now like the game is significantly more performance and, and it's it's it's nice to like actually see that happening on an update like that where you actually see the performance because you guys don't see like the incremental improvements like for instance how many of you have noticed that the save time has drastically reduced send in up to date specifically, I think I think in the patch before summer vacation, because we've we made a lot of strides on that but I don't think anybody commented on that online but like whoa saving actually is is a bit shorter now, I don't know the specific numbers but I just know it's it's a drastic difference but since it's not like, huge like since you're still seeing the stutter it's still not good enough right so it's it's, so it's nice to actually like get that response it's nice it's nice for us let us have this okay and I think I joked about this last week too but like we maybe we should just in the future whenever we put out updates we should add like a bunch of, like thread locking so that we can be like oh this seems to be an issue with the game and then we remove that at the next patch and be like we fixed it and then people like oh my God it's so much better and I'm like heck yeah it is because we're so good at our job I can't tell you what can I tell you man, so yeah