November 10th, 2020 Livestream Jace Talk: Merch

November 10th, 2020 Livestream

Jace Talk: Merch

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factory yep all right then merch dude yeah okay so merch I forgot what I was gonna say about this but basically as you may have noticed like a week or two ago, you know we did that fan forged competition and some people who submitted artwork to the fan forge would become finalists and the finalists would become would have their merch available to be purchased in the store, all of that is now up but also as of yesterday or today yeah, days ago yeah lizard doggo pin now available actually it was a few days ago but we just got the actual photos whatever yeah lizard doggo pins are available so, if you could bring it up you may be doing that now find it yes yep, yeah so you can now purchase lizard dogger pins, I'll get a link for you is it this one you will also see, that the merch from community members who submitted stuff will is also available for purchase yes it is so here's a little pen your, shipping to eu is not better yet the situation is still the same but, we are we've been hung up with some other stuff for a bit but as of like literally as of today so so starting tomorrow we can start focusing on eu store a little bit more and we'll see how that goes true story yeah so, yeah but yeah that's the dog opinions the


, like the the fan forge, submissions that we showcased a while back they're also up now they've been up since the fourth the may the fourth with you, all available in the u.s yes you know there you are it's very cute it is but, people asking about mug mug is still, it's still in progress like things are there's still movement on that it's still plotting along it's just slow that's all but it's it's being actively it's actively moving forward, plushies has not begun yet, but will I think I think once the mug project is out of the way I think we're going to be I hope we're going to be working on it's a huge project doing that stuff or like we've been saying that for a long time but it yeah yeah yeah talk to the curses that guys yeah yeah we'll have to we'll have to look around the the really hard thing right now is solving this is pretty pretty tough and, sorting out merch and getting the designs right is really hard because it takes it takes a bit of time for the team to create the designs but then it takes more time from other folks such as folks in the community team or on the management more side of it to interface with all these companies and to figure everything out and so it's hard to get like focus so much time on that when those people can include snoot and I when we also have other things that we're doing right so we're a company that stretches ourselves incredibly thin and so that's kind of why, even though merch is awesome it isn't like the biggest priority right I'm sure we can all agree, but but that's just kind of why it's a little it's just a little bit slow that's all but we'll get there I still want body pillows yes oh it's just you and me that want that but it's yeah I'm pretty sure we can get them there yeah a lot of merch, this can we get a set a set of mugs as well as singles to buy when released I mean there's only one type of bug a bug mug mug bug yeah but you can buy more than one you could buy more than one yeah but it's something yeah it's something that a lot of people are looking forward to and, us included did we get state of capitalization pioneer body pillar no no no it's going to be jason snoot body pillow why would you want pioneer he's buying the pioneer one yeah the obvious choice is jason smith what has the pioneer ever done for you guys come on holy [ __ ] sort of a pillow of hypertube entrance that's toilet bowl like, smirking is buying the entire stock so you got to get in there quick oh [ __ ] damn yeah simon bought a pillow and simon body pillow would be great yeah it's just one big muscle yeah it's just his arm just flexes nothing else simon biceps plushie all right that's the new yeah that's all we need all right all right I think that's probably it for merch cool so here's the link to the story again you guys if you want to buy some merch