July 5th, 2022 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Early stream intro

July 5th, 2022 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Early stream intro

00:00 Early Start to the stream
01:08 Midsummer sunburn
02:21 Experience the pre-show
02:33 Snutt's colour grading (Part 1)
03:28 If this is your first time tuning in...
03:52 Snutt's colour grading (Part 2)
05:03 TwitchCon


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hello hey hi what's going on emergency emergency


helen fresh is here


they're here oh my god get it chase run down get it they bring it up to my door dude yeah not running down it happened not muted shut up guys lot you're lying it's definitely not muted hello fresh is here we have it this is check it off the count on the bingo cards yeah this is the middle square it was so important we had to start the stream early for this yeah hey hey everybody by the way hi sorry- I'm a little distracted by more important things right now yeah for sure wow I look so red in the, the color grade I have right now I think, welcome to know you've been out getting some sun I'm so mad I haven't I actually did burn my scalp like during mid-summer, I wasn't wearing a hat I also had very poorly distributed like, sunscreen on my back so I have like really strange like patterns right now have you got like have you got like are you like burnt everywhere but there's like a dick shape that's like not burnt on your back I wish it was like an actual it just looks like I have like a huge rash oh [ __ ] yeah that's a bummer yeah amazing I'm lucky that like, you know my my body due to my skin color- I don't burn very easily I you know I still need to put sunscreen on because it's like no good for your skin but like I'm very fortunate to never really I've never really felt a lot of pain or anything from sunburn it's really nice it that is that is a superpower because it's super annoying because like I get very easily sunburns because I'm so pale it's like when I go outside people go like ah more light, I'm gonna get the hella fresh from my door hell yeah wow this is what you get chat when you show up early you get to experience the the pre-show the pre-show of the pre-show I gotta do something with the the colligation here one second I can't live with this I'm so what is that color correction it's here oh no it's here is this better does this look better chat this is okay I will go with this what's wrong with this this is fine


smurf the beacon the bacon is lit what the hell why so blue I think it's not a more purp, violet I'd say purple violet-ish this is fine yeah yeah xenophobic against thanos what the hell jace is cooking right now he's preparing the meal welcome to our community highlights by the, sorry welcome to our stream weekly devstream everybody hi hello this is your first time tuning in I'm so sorry because this is such a weird intro to our to our little regular weekly based show that we usually do here on this side of twitch, where we hang out with our lovely community who play satisfactory or maybe you don't play satisfactory I don't know maybe maybe you've got better things to do with your life but welcome we're, we usually, what's up jace you look yeah perturbed what's wrong yeah that's easy to stop using that [ __ ] sunscreen you need to check you need to check the use by date dude this is what I actually look like I usually have color grading on so I look normal when whenever we film anything if you can help make up when we meet in person yeah yeah for sure for sure, yeah so, yeah this this is the weekly dev stream this is probably the the best intro we've had to the stream so far didn't even start on time this is your smurf account or something actual smurf account yeah snurf account nerf account that's so good, what's that talking about yeah this is the intro anyways, welcome everybody welcome so, a couple a couple of a couple of not a couple actually just one thing we quickly just want to announce, real quick well well I have jace here with me because jason's gonna is usually here now for the community highlights part, and then just bolts out of here so get out of here yeah exactly so next week is twitchcon and me and jace will be attending whoa so if you're in amsterdam going for twitchcon then, come say hello yes yes yes we'll be there on the friday saturday sunday leave it on monday good times will be had by all, yeah so if anyone's gonna be there or even in the area like you know we'd be good to meet people at the con but like maybe we've been considering maybe doing like a meet-up or something in the area as well so even if you're not going the actual conference like maybe there's still a chance for you to come and meet us if you're you're you know near there unfortunately yeah well we'll probably like, we'll announce more on like twitter and stuff like that when when we have more information and stuff like that so it'd be on the lookout, make sure to follow us on twitter yeah it's gonna hit that follow button here's the twitter command that yes we do have a command version yeah yeah we do nice we're so professional making it for once a year the snoot sheds its skin can't wait to get sunburned again during which we probably won't be oh yeah someone posted a weather thing right it's going to be like 27 degrees it's gonna be steamy in the con yeah that's, can't wait for people to not shower you know I'll ha I'm gonna have to have two showers a day because if it's gonna be that warm and we're gonna be around that many people and we're gonna be out walking around all day oh I'm gonna have to like at 6 pm go back and grab a shower again and change clothes yeah I'm gonna have to bring like like eight days worth of clothes for for three or four days yeah yeah for sure cons are are it's it's better during like the winter than their cons because more more, I don't know ventilate or something so yeah it's gonna be it's gonna but it's gonna be fun we're we're going to amsterdam again I haven't been in amsterdam in a long time I haven't been traveling at all since I mean which makes sense, so good to see you you haven't been at a con like with like coffee scene or status for satisfactory anything before right because like I have a two you have yeah yeah we went to, the one in in czech republic last time oh true yeah no yeah I wasn't at that one so yes that's why I didn't think of it yeah okay that's true that's true and we did go to twitchcon in 2020 jace don't you remember oh we sure did buy tickets for it yeah I still have the, the I still rock the the twitch icon thingy that you get oh I think I enjoyed that yeah yeah yeah yeah I still rocked that one because it is it is proudest achievement attending twitchcon 2020 in amsterdam totally happy that's it's the thought that counts yeah for sure do you expect poor ac or something at the con you know it's not necessarily poor ac but like I think even if the ac is good that many people inside on a reasonably warm day and you're walking around for like six plus hours, yeah I think I think you're just gonna I'm gonna feel pretty gross by the end of that and then if there's like dinner plans or anything like that I'm gonna want to shower before I should just bring like a shower portable shower with us yeah and just like just hangs over your head yeah but then it's also a gamer convention and I don't know if it's necessarily gamers are more in sweat inducing or something but they are also like a little bit more infamous I guess but I don't know if twitchcon applies to those I don't know we'll see we'll find out we'll we'll give you a report, yes what like a smell report I don't know yeah exactly yeah we'll find out, so yeah good times good times will be had to see you next week