November 21st, 2023 Livestream Intro / State of Dev / Merch Sale

November 21st, 2023 Livestream

Intro / State of Dev / Merch Sale

NOTE: This is a reupload of the previous week's video, YouTube failed to process the original upload.

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surprised I started early I didn't look at the time when I pressed the button all right it's F it's fine do you wanted to wait no actually I'm on time now three three seconds dope hey everybody Welcome to, the weekly Dev stream hope you're all having a fantastic Tuesday cuz it's Tuesday today dope stuff I haven't updated the agenda that's true I need this need to go, how do I turn it on again wait I know how to do this studio mode, Boop and Boop cool got got it rolling hey everybody Welcome to the weekly Dev stream hope you're all doing fantastic I am doing fantastic myself thanks for asking I'm sure you're very curious, we're back baby we're back to the old format back to the old regular old weekly live stream classic it's like, you gota you got to do something different so that when you go back to the the way things used to be people be like oh this is oh this is the way oh this is so good it's like, Coke Classic you know what I mean like it's, just got to do it update oh it is damn it it's always like whenever we release updates there's always a ton of things that I need to keep track of that like oh right we changed this oh right we updated this, let's see here update let me fix that real quick let me just put that button up there so I can change the thing up to eight where's the command I can't even it's been so long so no no no no no no no no no up to eight up eight now out now TM all right did it update no it didn't stup sexy command wait why isn't it working I hope I spend there we go update seven update oh update seven is still here apparently any other should I spend the rest of the stream just looking at the Bots are there any weird there's crossplay did you guys know there this crossplay between Steam and epic that's also a command apparently I don't remember that, death count that is accurate that is accurate, let's see here yeah cool all right let's go back to the menu all right anyways welcome to the Wi Dev stream we're back to the classic format again back to, two two two hours oh wait wait wait wait wait wait wait the agenda is wrong so we we got to get we're so Rusty we highlights highlights it's back also there's no gameplay get rid of that there we go can we start the stream now I feel like I feel like I've got everything sorted out I had like 40 minutes prep time and I still didn't manage to get everything done all right whatever welcome everybody to weekly live stream this is the third time I'm starting the stream we're just just roll the intro all right blah blah blah you get it, welcome to to, week Dev stream we're finally done well not done we finally released up toate on Early Access jeez it only took us, 40 years 47 years, we released experimental in June I think if I'm if I'm not mistaken and then we've been on experimental for 16 months 47 months 32 months running upward and, last week we finally released update eight8 and it it it feels weird to me cuz like well cuz like you guys have been playing an update for unexp for forever like you've been part of the process you know like I've seen people stream the game I've seen people you know give us feedback on the game and all this stuff so like whenever we have our Early Access releases it always feels like people over played it like who cares it's just it's people already know and then you know we have things where we almost break our CCU records the last weekend because there's so many people playing the game which is really cool to see, it's it's h it's amazing so so big kudos to everyone who played the game on experimental to help us give feedback and help us, concurrent users so like I think if you checked steam charts there were like 32,000 people CCU average during, Saturday or something like that not average but the the peak or something, which which is and I think our record is like 34,000 so like that's pretty dope that's pretty cool it's it's cool to see that the interest for satisfactory is still going strong you know even though we've been in this weird update updating the engine for a year almost like it's been, been a long time since you know since we pushed an update and then, people show up anyways and and, it's it's super cool to see and and another really cool stat for me specifically is that the patch not video got like a half a million views in like less than a week which is also sort of a not a record but like I don't think that's ever happened before I don't think we've gotten that many views on a patch not well okay first of all it's the most views we've ever gotten on patch not video so just putting that out there it's like it's it's the most viewed patch no video we' ever made, but like videos overall on on the cofan channel we usually don't get that many views, this quickly so that's that's super cool to see as well super nice for me CU I struggled with that video for so long, that was that was a pain in the ass to work on, and, yeah super cool what else what am I talk I just like completely dropped the ball- I for the first okay fun fact for the first time ever I haven't pulled the shades for the room, cuz like there needs to be even, Lighting in this room to get this lighting setup right and and this time I didn't pull the curtains cuz like it's dark outside in like in the sun sets at like 300 p.m. now, on the other side of the street there's like four people in the window just looking in and I'm like I can't get up now and close the curtains cuz that would be weird so I'm just going to commit I'm just going to commit to it, anyways yeah super stoked update is is is is, super cool that so many people showed up it's super humbling to us as well we've worked on this update for so long and, super stoked to see that so many people care and and, gave us you know a lot of said a lot a lot of nice things, update isn't perfect, the game has never been perfect we're on Early Access there are bugs and I just want to spend a couple of minutes, sort of this is the stateof dev SE segment I would say so I'm going to update that I just want to spend a little couple of minutes sort of addressing some of the known issues on update 8, these are issues that if you play it on experimental you probably know about all these, but I just want to like really quickly go through some of these things, we will talk about fixmas I promise so we'll just get sort of the spring cleaning out of the way and then, we'll talk about fixmas Okay so so, couple of known issues with update 8 we've been working on this for a long time it's a little bit work in progress the biggest thing that's well it is not working progress in terms of update 8 but there are a few known Kinks with update essentially but one of the one of the systems that's still a bit working progress and up to date is the online sort of integration system that we have and that's sort of taking care of some of the like you know setting up your friends list logging you into steam and epic, getting your recession ID and all that stuff, and that system is the sort of like a rework of a system that we've had before and, we've pushed sort of the current implementation of that system on, on Early Access and, the thing that God is so distracting these people like I might need to close the curtain holy that's the last how I'm doing that, what was I talking about yeah so the EOS sorry the online integration system is there to like keep track of both like online Integra EOS integration as well so like you can do crossplay between St and epic and that sort of stuff and currently one of the the the features that's not fully implemented yet is the ability to unlink your epic account if you've linked your epic account on Steam and, the plan is is that we're going to push, a couple of updates on the experimental Branch with the new integration stuff, there's also a couple of new features that we haven't, had before this is my moment one second guys okay we're finally alone holy okay, they got a free show, what was I talking about yeah so so e so so the online integration stuff we're going to push that on experimental fairly soon I think it's going to be this week but I'm not 100% sure if that's going to be possible but that's the plan at least, and, yeah like I mentioned one of the features that's missing currently is the ability to be able to unlink accounts, we're going to add that feature back in its current iteration and then we'll put that on experimental so you guys can try it out so so it's going to be a workaround for people being able to unlink your accounts or whatever, by switching to the experiment Al Branch, and there there's probably a couple more features but I don't want to talk I don't want to speak about those things or talk about those things, prematurely because I'm not sure how how far we've gotten in that process, so it'll be a fun surprise for you guys I guess on on on experimental like how that system changes I also don't fully understand some of the changes, so that's going to happen in the near future, possibly this week it's there's going to be an update on experimental with the new online integration and we're probably going to spend a quite significant time on experimental with this stuff, we might not be able to merge everything over fully to the regular Branch until like next year possibly, but you like in terms of gameplay you know there won't be any changes this is just to handle the online side of things and it shouldn't affect any like you know connectivity things it should just be like some of the features that's that's in satisfactory for regarding this aspect of the game Cool all right some known issues as well when it comes to the game so a lot of if you didn't know we've updated the minimum requirements for the game, we have like sort of whenever the game crashes you can send us in your crash report right and that we get that stuff in the back end and for the most part A lot of the crashes the majority of the crashes are either related to mods or, please remember that mods aren't officially supported by us so if you end up crashing the game and you have mods installed try playing the game without mods and make sure that you and see if you can reproduce the crash that you got, with the mods without the mods installed and see if it still happens, so a lot of crashes that are really is mods the vast majority of mods I believe, the other thing that we're seeing is like crashes related to GPU and hardware and stuff like that and these come in many different forms to crash error so to speak, it might say like d3d 111 related issue it might see like, DirectX, device hung or something like that, it might say it might be like Vulcan related, it says if you read it's kind of hard to to make out for most people to think but like if you read the the crash report thing if it contains anything related to like direct X or a D3 d11 or D3 D12 or anything like that, usually those crashes are related to Hardware or your drivers or your you know whatever something related with with the your your graphics card essentially, it's hard for us to resolve those issues because there's those are really lowlevel, issues and and for the most part those are related to something on your end, a lot of these crashes can be circumvented by either like updating your graphics card, or drivers, actually even your graphics card cuz a lot of people getting crashes because the graphic card doesn't support, some of the aspet of the game anymore because we updated the the engine, I'll talk about that in a second but, yeah updating your drivers for your graphics card, what's resetting the the render Cache no wait what's it called, the it's it called the thing reset the cash something wait it's it's the tip of my tongue, if you go to our steam forums and the bugs blah blah blah there's a post about this, reset Shader cache that's what it's called, and like how to reset your Shader cache that's that depends on what graphics card you have so just Google your graphics card and and see how you can do it, also verify your game files as well sometimes that helps out because sometimes the game isn't installed properly and that can cause a a bunch of issues, so yeah if you are in and there's also a couple of workarounds I can't really like I'm not going to dive too deep into like some of the solutions here but there are some workarounds, sometime if you see specifically one of the most common ones is like it says like device something hung, there are a couple of work if you Google like, how to solve that there's like ways where you can like increase the timeout between your computer and the graphics card that sols in a lot of cases, and I think there's other like registy settings you can make so like increase that, but there are some workarounds for this and you can also check our our forums, for some of these Solutions, to these problems but a lot of people that I've talked to are running into these crashes due to their Hardware are being too essentially too old and like not supported really anymore and it's it's it's a bummer, Googling hung device is not safe for work it's fine if just don't worry about it just put just put safe for work, what was I going to say, that's so many things to talk about today I can't I can't even begin by the way I need to remember to check this let's see if my Hardware or audio reset again it happens every time, let's see here it did cool why does it I don't know I don't understand I think my computer is doing stuff that I'm not aware of sometimes this is weird all right should be fixed anyways, what was I talking about you should write this stuff down I H that's the annoying thing I have written this down, it's just that I lose my train of thought when when, when I get distracted, but yeah essentially I was talking about like the the G GP stuff related but anyways there are work arounds for a lot of stuff, and if you just Google there's some workouts but but a lot of people that I talk to have had just old Hardware in general, and Hardware that isn't really supported anymore doesn't meet our minimum requirements, this is something that Jay talked a lot in a video that we posted with the Engine 5 video I think, on our YouTube channel if there's more info there, and we talked about like setting the minimum requirements for a game is quite difficult because like where do we draw the line between like you know being able to boot up the game is one thing but like being able to run the game like you know we don't fully know what our recommended Hardware is and stuff like that, there also cases where when you're comparing like dpus, there can be graphics cards that have like better performance than the cards that is listed on our minimum specs but if like Nvidia doesn't support drivers for your card, then you're also kind of like unluck unfortunately and, it's a bit unfortunate and and you know it sort of like paved the way of progress, I also don't fully know like where like where do we draw the line as like how far back we support you know Hardware that is to that's to play our game you know because like I think the 1050 is like 10 10 years old at this point or something like that, so it's it's a bit tricky but just to be aware of that okay anyways, let's move on let's talk about something something else let's talk about something else that's, also interesting is, when you first boot up the game a lot of people experienced the thing where the game takes a long time to boot up, I need to make a slight correction here it's not due to, shaders compiling actually it's because of the antivirus, something something so when the game boots up for the first time there's a bunch of like modules, that are cooked into the game, and we've noticed that a lot of antivirus programs including Microsoft Defender, they tend to like when when you you download the game they want to like scan through all those modules before it boots up the game or in the process of booting up the game, and that's a bit annoying we've we're going to reach out to Microsoft and see if we can solve that in some way, and there are ways to sort of circumvent it if you have like other anti virus software that's like blocking you we've also noticed this when we started pushing update8, that a lot of anti-virus software just started triggering on satisfactory for some reason and we're trying to solve that as well, don't know when we'll be able to look into that but that's something that we're looking into fairly soon I hope, so just be aware of that like sometimes when you boot up the game it might take a long time and one repercussion of that is that when it takes a long time for the game to boot up in that state, the game will try to log you in on our with our online services and it it ends up being in a state where the game gets like blocked because of antiv virus so like our when we ask to like sign in online that times out and then there's no way for the game to like you know, get back on track with the signning process essentially because that's sort of an anticipated block, and the only way to circumvent that is to just restart the game and and and load it back up again and then it should sign you in properly so a lot of people probably into the issue where you boot up the game and it takes a long time for the game to boot up and then, once you get to the menu and you press like continue or load game it says like you're offline and you're not logged in, and that's due to that long process so just restart the game and then try again and it should resolve at that point, so yes cool those were some of the known issues that I have there's a there's a couple of like other things that we could talk about and and maybe we should save it for the Q&A if people are interested in these kind of topics, I don't know if we've addressed some of these things but there's a couple of things that are like highly voted on Qi for instance and one of these is like, some of the V feedback for instance that we have in the game right now, we're currently looking into that feedback and seeing what we can do I don't know if we have any news we can give regarding that cuz the vehicle system is kind of mixed of how like people feel about it, and quick tldr when we updated the engine version We the old physics engine that was in the game that we based all the vehicles on that was deprecated so we had to completely rework all Vehicle Systems from scratch, and it's it's a lot of work just like we're we're never going to be able to like get back to the old like how Vehicles handled before, the update because that's just impossible at this point, we're and and we try to like find a good middle balance we're like you know we're pretty happy with it and, you know a lot of people like it the new vehicle physics a lot of people, don't like it it's like I think a lot of it comes down to like preference a little bit, but we are sort of listening to to the feedback that we're getting, regarding this and, we were going to look into this before pushing to EA but we unfortunately didn't have time and, it I'm not sure if this will be a thing that like I think this is something we're going to look into for for you know later releases, whether we'll be able to to make any tweaks to the vehicle system but we are listening to the feedback, and and we're going to look into it some point and, I think there was one more thing I wanted to touch on or maybe I should yeah there's like a couple of multiplayer issues as well that a lot of people are U posting about and we we're also aware of that stuff, some of the implementations that we made for the game we we had to focus a lot of implementation for for single player because of time constraint essentially, even though we been in experimental for you know four billions years, we still couldn't get around to everything that we wanted to get around to you know some there's a lot of features still in the game that aren't up to parody with the old, version of that satisfactory and I think I like somebody on Steam made a pretty good like Parable where, if you think about it in terms of like why did we make the engine update if we're not on Parable at this point it's like in the old engine we were sort of like at the top of the cliff not really at the top but like close to the top of the cliff in terms of like how much we could per increase performance and fix issues that people are having with certain aspects of the game, and now that we have onreal engine 5 we're sort of like back down you know at the at the at the root of the cliff now but now we have a much more now it's possible to us like climb out that mountain again and and get further back up and improve the game in in more aspects that we could before, and that's something that we're still working on and and improving on and, you guys in updated gets get like this first like big chunk of of improvements for the game essentially and we're going to keep working on that but multiplayer has a bunch of issues right now and multiplayer is is always been like I wouldn't say it's secondhand because multiplayer is a huge part of satisfactory it's a big aspect of the game and we really want the multiplayer experience to be as smooth as possible there's a lot of work that goes into optimizing the game for multi player specifically, and, in this round of update in this update there were a couple of like implementations that, that didn't get fully fletched out for multiplayer and and one of the big ones is the hyper tubes and Hyper, specifically so like R in hypert as client is kind of funky right now there's a couple of issues that come up and, we're going to look into that but I don't think we're going to be able to to look into it for update 8 unfortunately that's that's future work but we are Weare that stuff and if we can fix like we have a list of things that we're going to try and fix, for this year but we have very limited time left, for this year and, but we're going to do our best and you guys going to get the you know once I have any news to give I'm going to try and share that with you, I'm planning to make a video this week hopefully I can sort of gather like sort of what we're planning to do, for update8 that's left in that video in terms of bug fixing I don't think it's too much but you know anything is better than nothing I think, and, we'll take it from there I guess and, with that being said one thing I want to talk about next is fixmas because that's the one of the big big questions folks have had now that we're December's coming up Christmas is upon us y'all Christmas is like the holidays are in well actually next week is December 1st is next week so technically it starts then so what about fixmas you know everyone's been asking are you is fixus coming back are you going to is are we going to say fixmas cuz if if you remember when we updated the engine a lot of the fix Miss related stuff broke and we've been so focused on fixing satisfactory the core play for satisfactory so we have always been like all right fixas that comes later, but now we're at the point we're like fixas is like next week so, holy, but I'm happy to say that we are going to fix fixmas we're going to fix the the stuff that's related to to the fixman update, the the calendar will get fixed, some of the the items that work don't work right now are going to get resolved as well and, next week fixas is going to be rolling as usual there won't be any new content for for fixmas this year, because we only had like one or two weeks to fix the stuff that's for fix smouth right now and we're very busy with other stuff at the moment but fixi is at is going to come back with, you know sort of the same sort of, content that you saw last year and, you know the card is going to come back and all that stuff so, we're pretty stoked about that we we were a bit worried for a second that we weren't going to be able have time for fixas this year and like everything kind of like came down at the same time it's a bit it's a bad touch and go from back I'm not going to lie, but but we we're fairly confident right now that we're going to be able to to fix up fix Miss and you guys can, build your candy canes and and, your one billion presents a minute stuff, so yeah fix must sold that yeah yeah yeah so so we're pretty soed about that at least cool all right I think that's it mostly state of Dev for now, if you have any questions then remember that we do the thing with slido now so, post your questions if you do hasht hashtag exclamation mark AMA you can get the the link to the slider page where you can post your questions you can also upload questions there, and then we'll save those for the Q&A segment and, I'll try and respond and we can talk about certain topics if you want to hear hear more about some of these things, and, we'll take it from there essentially so yeah, will'll get the snap back no unfortunately not the snap is due to the old like, the way weapons work before didn't work with, being able to have snap so unfortunately now that was really cool though I wish we could add that back but we never have time so yeah that's state of Dev thanks everyone for for tuning in specifically con artist so glad you can join us for the state of Dev as it's about to wrap up, but there's always the vaud you know what I mean all right anyways, actually one thing I want to mention real quick as well is that remember, on the stream, last week we mentioned that there's there's a big sale going on right now at at so I'm selling out a bit a bit more here, if you do exclamation mark merch you can get the link to, one of our partner, merch thingies merch Partners, there's currently a sale going on on lizard lizard, and I wish I had the, the thingy don't have it the thingy but yeah essentially this is say going on right now it it's going to run for another week so actually it's going to run until December 1st so there's a sale going on right now and I'm trying to find the there's also a couple of coupons codes that you can use let me see if I can find I think I saw it on Twitter actually, heroic replic gu all right here we go, there's a sale going on right now there's also a couple of like codes you can use, during checkout and here are the codes, I don't remember the the all the specifics but there's a bunch of like stuff that's, cheaper and also we got the new, tapes are available right now and if you use these coupon codes during checkout you can get different, whatam call it like offers if you will so if you use the code pens set 50 for orders over 50 you can get the free pen set with your order if you do ship 100 you can get free shipping to the US UK EU and Canada, light box F lightbox 150 gives you an additional light box in your order, the light box is the little like artwork where there's like a little bean and a little Factory on it's really cute cute, and then ship 200 is you can get to ship to to 200 of your favorite characters, I'm sorry I'm really tired apparently, for orders over 200 you can get free global Shipping and you can pick any one of these on your order and you can use them multiple times on over multiple orders but you can only use them once per order of course, and, the the website is and you can also do exclamation mark merch I think I said that, check it out there's a bunch of stuff there bye bye bye bye bye right now okay that's the that's the message anyways let's, keep going with a regularly scheduled program and dive into Q&A no not by by did you not hear me I didn't say bye I said bye God I can't believe you guys anyways