April 25th, 2023 Livestream Intro / State of Dev

April 25th, 2023 Livestream

Intro / State of Dev

00:00 Intro
06:41 State of Dev
07:26 Q&A: Update 8, when?
09:39 Q&A: Can you tell us only 15 minutes before it drops?
10:05 Community FYI: We don't care if we have a deadline
10:15 Teaser Season schedule
12:43 Q&A: Will there be another funny video that you and Snutt always do for Updates?
12:51 Community FY: Keep teasing an update on status
12:56 Update 8 feature freeze
13:52 Q&A: Can you tease us about the internal deadline that is not happening?
14:06 Q&A: Is Unreal Engine 5 scrapped?
14:17 Community FYI: Coffee Stain Studios has by far the best community management
14:24 Community FYI: Clearly it is because Snutt committed that random Bean in the dev stream


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foreign hello is this working is this thing on no wait we've forgotten something we've forgotten some agenda this null this I think this is what we have hello I may look like I just woke up I swear to God I didn't, first of all can you hear me delayed input snoots muted I look stressed I know my hair is crazy I'm not gonna lie a little stressed can hear you it's fine if you just woke up I suppose spot on it's fine okay if anyone has delayed try, try refresh because sometimes some people get delays and then the others don't, oh yeah wait one second I'm nearly done boom this is here now make a thread what's the date everyone, 25th 25. all right I swear to God you have my attention now you have my attention hello hello hello oh boy Jace is frazzled today a little bit a little bit so today's been a day, yes I've had a lot of things pop up, which is fine it happens, but then obviously we have no snoot here as well so snood is, you might remember last week, you might remember that last week when we did the stream with Hannah and snowed both snoot and Hannah were sick snood is still sick I spoke to him today and, he didn't sound too good, I think he's gonna be okay but yeah like yeah I don't know I don't know so he probably can't really I don't think he can really stream today, I wasn't sick last week no but I was like really tired I had some like issues with sleep and stuff so like I wasn't I wasn't ill but the other two were actually ill yeah let's not survive I think so I think so he's okay I think it's just gonna be a bit much for him to to speak for two hours you know what I mean, so he wasn't able to help out so like today not only did I have like some things happen other things happened, I then also had to like organize the stream as well but we got there in the end and everything is handled okay so everything is good hey guys snowman I didn't have a chance to I prepare AI snoot everything's hand I think I think I have everything we may run into, some technical difficulties as we go but I think I have everything in order for the stream but, if everything goes to [ __ ] then, I mean that's okay what else is new right so it's all good it's all good how is everyone Jay says that Australian fortitude exactly, we don't want it we want Jay no we once no two so it's amazing what are you talking about get out of here, snoot is not today maybe maybe good timing playing satisfactory and drinking coffee in bed Jace goes live I mean I'm here to please I aim to please I am on the right channel I assume yes I am good Jay's killed no no I can't prove that I didn't, but no no all right not at all bug free stream that'll be a first well wouldn't it be funny if today's stream is bug free right because like whenever we do our streams we're generally fairly prepared right and, and then bugs happen anyway they could really be one Community imagine yeah so that is the truth all right I'm gonna come out here guys snoot isn't here because the world just ain't big enough for the both of both of us and we had to, we had to settle it in a duel right and, we had we had a choice between, katanas and dueling pistols we chose No Quarters, Snoop one of the, the Eiffel Tower I chose somewhere else and we met at we met at dawn at sunrise, does anyone know what I'm talking about there has to be someone who gets this reference he's just a katana he chose the gun there it is stigma there we are you got it good good good good I'm not very good I'm not very good at like movie references and stuff like that, but, whenever I have them I want I want you know whenever I do manage to pull them off I want immense validation I did it- I did a movie reference you guys, who is Dave oh we still have state of Dave out yeah what are we called state of Dave Dave's, Dave's a bunny Mouse, it's because that's why I stood fired now as soon as just sick but he's gonna be okay I think I think he's yeah I don't know he he'll probably I think he's gonna be okay I think he's back to back working again today so he seems to be a little better than the past few days so everything's gonna be fine, we're gonna see more Halo screenshots today maybe maybe, so I was doing a lot of community highlights actually during the delayed intro apologies for that did you put any 780 to 480 in the highlights I mean it remains to be seen right oh one thing that we should talk about a little bit actually maybe I can add that to the agenda, is, blueprints video let me talk about that a little bit I don't know if I can present that video a lot of talk about it so we'll just see how it goes okay we'll see how it goes all right so first thing let's get down to business, I hope you didn't hear that that was my PC sorry muting, to defeat the Huns there's another reference I'm on fire today, you didn't miss state of Dave we're gonna be doing it right now okay so state of Dev, actually actually I have some state of, news this is, important news actually so, let me just double check to make sure yep okay so, I do it I do have to go ahead not gonna get fired if I talk about this so I have some news and I need to frame this in a way that makes it convenient for Marv later when he when he Clips this and puts this on the satisfactory Clips archive YouTube channel, this is for you no but, for Real, so we have some information people have asked a bunch of times about the release date of update 8. unfortunately it's never coming out no unfortunately we had an internal, we had an internal deadline for that which we didn't talk about because we weren't confident we could hit it and unfortunately we're we're not going to be able to reach that deadline which is a bit of a bummer and the reality is that the a lot of the Unreal Engine 5, changes came with a bunch of like like we're still we're still like trying to recover from some of those issues that we had anticipated to be okay by now, but the reality is it's just not and unfortunately we just don't know when it's gonna be ready that's just it, we're like as of today as of right this second, we don't even have another internal deadline yet because we're just like we're sort of sick of having these deadlines when we just don't know what's gonna happen right so, so for now, the status internally is updated is done when it's done we're going to be working as hard as we can on it and the second we have more you know information even if the information is that we seem to have gotten hold of things and we have an internal deadline again maybe I can share that information and then we actually have a date to tell you guys that I will but I think it's, I think it would be unfair, of me to come out on stream when people ask when is it going to come and I say oh I don't know but the thing is I do know a bit more now and I think it's fair, only fair to you guys that- I keep you guys up to speed, so yeah so this is one of the reasons why you know we don't want to give deadlines out when we're not really 100 sure, and, because we don't want people to cling on to a certain deadline and get really disappointed instead we'll give you know a power deadline and then and then disappoint you anyway but we're doing we're doing our best can we blame Lim yeah I mean I want a joke and say yes but the thing is like everyone is working really really hard so yeah I know you're just kidding around but please keep them in your thoughts they're doing their best they're doing their best, and once we know more we can we can talk more about it is this why it's not just sick you couldn't believe it, can you tell us it'll only be another 15 minutes until we land like an airline does yeah we could do that I could, I could I could tweet out 15 minutes before update eight drops and just be like, ladies and gentlemen update eight is, dropping in 15 minutes 15 minutes, and then and then we'll land, and then someone takes out parking spot and then you sit on the plane for two hours 15 minutes confirmed exactly exactly, you don't care if we have a deadline some people do some people do care people want to know what's happening, but yeah so yeah unfortunately that just kind of means so this also means something else right because we were sure of that deadline initially which is why Smith and I started creating content it's a tease update right, let me say that again because I was having a bit of a moment while I was doing it it was very emotional, what did I say actually forgotten I was too busy making stupid jokes, oh yeah so so we wanted to we were making videos to tease update thank you, we were making updates, teaser videos for update eight and we had planned a certain amount out that would hopefully last until updated drops and that was like the big plan that we had now this this, also throws a wrench into the teaser season because since this gets pushed back, we won't really have be able to like tease the update in the same way that we normally do right where we would like build it up and then ban the release instead we're gonna have to tease you and then like and then be like we don't know and then there'll be nothing I mean we can make more videos there's more things to talk about but we won't be able to yeah exactly but but we won't be able to like give you the teasers and then and then then the update, on experimental right away, so what do you guys think I was just wondering like do you think that we should like pause the teasers should we just tease all the stuff anyway and then we can just keep making other content after the teaser stuff goes out that's what I was thinking I was thinking, keep teasing until we're done and then like we can we can talk about more stuff after everything yeah I was thinking just keep getting the T stuff out and then and then we'll just have to make some filler stuff and I can keep you updated on the the status of things maximum edging please give teasers okay yeah okay it looks like we're sort of on the same page at least here with our twitch chat, keep teasing or spread it out a bit more that's enough that's another opportunity potentially yeah yeah so I think, today is gonna I don't say this week is gonna be another video that's going to be information about update eight so you'll have that to look forward to, I'm 99 sure that that will happen who knows anymore, but in it I'll also talk a little bit about this so that the folks over on YouTube, get this information as well so you'll hear a little bit more about that then will there be another funny video that you and snow always do with the updates maybe maybe I mean we want we want there to be, so maybe maybe keep teasing an update on status yeah I think that's a good good way to go yeah, cool all right well so that's the state of dev then is there anything else to mention oh one other thing that I was asked to mention as well is, we normally have this announcement, I guess usually talks about this but another thing to mention is that with the state of Dev we are in like a feature freeze so we're no longer adding new things to the game anymore we really are just like for this update, where we're just like fixing things and doing whatever polish we can and then if there's any like other people that have, you know extra time, then they then they work on future content I think is the the play so but I this is not new like I think we've been in a feature freeze for quite a few weeks now but I think we just never mention it so I was asked to, maybe just mention it now so that you guys know come on you're late anyways yeah yeah it's probably not that much of a surprise yeah can you choose with the internal deadline that is not happening, I don't feel comfortable, sharing that right now because I haven't run that idea past anyone else and maybe to me I don't see any issue saying it but maybe other people may have an issue with it, yeah is I've not doing five really scraps no we're not scrapping on another five, we just need to fix some of the stuff, yeah can run it with you Smith all right all right all right coffee since you just got by far best community match well thank you I'm glad you appreciate our work there's a lot of good Community matches out there, clearly it's because snook committed that random being to the dev stream exactly broke everything broke everything