May 3rd, 2022 Livestream Update 6: Future Updates & Linear Overclocking change

May 3rd, 2022 Livestream

Update 6: Future Updates & Linear Overclocking change

00:00 This and future Updates
02:50 Linear Overclocking Change
04:45 Power Slugs & Overclocking
05:38 Intuitiveness for new players
06:29 Differing solutions
08:05 Outro

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dope, what else I don't know if I should go in depth about like I should probably reiterate that you know, I think most people here already know this but update 6 is going to be a bit different compared to the previous updates, because we've been focusing more on like finishing the game and getting it to 1.0 and it's not really possible for us to do that when we're releasing the kind of updates that we've done in the past so, there probably won't be any more big updates honestly, to to similar to what we've seen before with like update 345, the the updates will be more focused on like different sections of the game, I don't even know if really will be like another update like this, coming to to before 1.0 because we haven't really decided what we do yet but you know the options all over there, but it won't like probably be a bigger update, same thing because we we want to focus on 1.0 that being said I believe 1.0 will be a significant update though like it will be, potentially the biggest one maybe we'll see we all yeah we also like in terms of spacing them for release we also don't know that either because we also don't know we will know once this update goes out you know what how we're doing in terms of the full production plan, but it's possible that like what if we need if we delay this update a little bit then that might affect like how we release the other updates so we might do minor updates for the game you know, more like what you call it like as time goes on between now and the 1.0 release, at least for the updates where we feel like we really need you guys opinion and like feedback on stuff


so, so yes but I mean it's really early to say I hate talking about 1.0 when we haven't even released this update yet because you know if you've been here before you might know that we tend to focus a lot on the thing that's ahead of you ahead of us in like and finish that and be happy about that rather than like try and push everything out and just get like reach the goal as soon as possible there's there's benefits and problems with that because like we've been moving the goal post a little bit when we're doing that way but I think we make a better game overall doing it that way, and now especially we're taking the time to like really finish the things that we're working on like the systems that we have built to come in play, for for for the game as a whole instead of just for the update so, so yeah, one thing I kind of want to give an update on is, and we we spent a big chunk of the stream last week to talk about this if you're interested in checking that out we had mark on so check out the vaude from last week you're interested in this but one thing that we are changing gameplay wise for the game is, like update six will mostly be about exploration so there won't be any like new faces there won't be new any new like production lines, there won't be any machines or anything like that but we are changing thinking of changing how overclocking works in the game and there's been a lot of interesting discussion around this in community, and we've loved reading the the comments on this and hearing what people think and, I think you know overall there's been really good like reception in terms of how you guys are talking about this, so we're really happy we're kind of glad that we did put out this information beforehand to like see what you guys think, I think we're leaning towards doing the linear thing, and there's a couple of reasons why we're leaning towards doing complete linear compared to like there's many different reasons there's many different like ways we could have done this and we have like listened to you guys a lot and I'm sorry if I haven't replied to like people dming me about this because I've gotten so many dms about this and I can't really add anything to the discussion, so so but we are I am reading everything I'm forwarding things, we've seen the post on qa side essentially but essentially the main reason why we we are aiming to do it linear instead of doing it the way it is right now if you didn't know the game does not follow a follows a non-linear formula for how power is, consumed when you're overclocking the main reason why we're switching we're thinking of switching to linear is because we want to improve the whole exploration aspect of the game, with this update and one big part of that is the slug cap like collection thing right and one thing that we're seeing kind of is that the non-linear way makes slugs less valuable and people really don't see the point in overclocking I know that a lot of people like the non-linear overclocking including this guy I think it offers very interesting trade-offs but we think it doesn't offer enough interesting trade-offs for the entire player base, so so like we really want to make the slugs more valuable, and make you know that part of the game exploration aspects more interesting and I know that people say that like what if you make that, non-linear going up but linear going down we don't think that's actually solves that problem, so that's that's one reason one other reason is, because it's kind of hard to explain to new players like how the overclocking system works, a lot of people expect it to be linear when they try it out, and then when it doesn't it they don't realize until they break a fuse or until they like understand why they're not getting enough power, so it's kind of weird so, so so that's another reason, so so those are like the three main reasons they're like we want to make slugs more of a valuable because we want to tie in the exploration aspect more to the game and we think there's a big chunk of that we want to tie this we want to make it more clear we also don't want like the power issues for people to be such a like dominant thing there's many different ways we could solve this and I already see chat going about like what if you do this way what do you do this way, we think that this is the best solution to solve like the whole the whole pancake so to speak there's there's many different ways we could solve like, all these things in different ways like we could improve how we communicate like how it's non-linear we can improve the ui, we could do something with slugs where like you know they're exploding and cool and they're exciting to pick up or like maybe they give some other benefit but like a lot of game design goes down to making decisions that aren't super like sometimes you want to kind of grasp the cheap, direction I say cheap the more efficient way and this is honestly the best solution that we see that isn't like cost that is cost effective so to speak, so but like we probably won't like commit to like having this be the thing in the game forever until we try it out that's sort of what we're gonna attempt to do in update six so you know even if we do go with linear power, overclocking in update six that might be not be the case for 1.0 we might find that you know it might need to do like all these knickknacks to like get it working


but, but yeah essentially essentially that's the main reason and you know we could be discussing that until the end of time, but we can't do that because we need to we need to move on to community highlights, so yes I've already seen a couple of questions about things, and I think, you know we will get back to that I won't like I'm not ignoring anything here just, we'll get back to that later on in the q a, and address some of these things or if there's anything specifically you guys want me to talk about I'll talk about it, but I really want to dive into the community highlights because I don't want to like, I don't want to shimmy that aspect of the stream away because I really think like even if we're working on things I think community arts are working on really cool things