April 12th, 2022 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: 69 Tools Video

April 12th, 2022 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: 69 Tools Video


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we should have a video this week on friday, that's the plan we'll see how that goes but, it's gonna be you know another pretty interesting video, and if you guys haven't checked out the tools video yet do check out our youtube this is probably one of the biggest videos we made and maybe it's honestly one of my favorite videos that we've made but, you know relatively speaking compared to other videos it didn't, you know not as many people saw it but the people who did see it really loved it so yeah if you haven't checked out the latest video on the, coffee stain website do check that out please check that out it's gonna be good yes I think you'll enjoy it it's got behind the scenes stuff it's got a lot of like good information if you don't know much about game dev you'll learn a bit from it about game dev too so yeah yeah check it out one thing I'm really happy about with that video too is that you guys have took took the, there was a slide in in that video that we were kind of nervous kind of putting in at least I was because I was scared that people would just like take that and be like oh that's their they launched they they leaked a bunch of stuff, you guys didn't, you definitely took it like the way I hope you did so that's I'm really glad to see oh that was the, the brainstorming thing right yeah exactly we had a we had a slide in the video with like a bunch of brainstorming ideas that we had, that mark had written down and we like one thing that could have people could see them be like oh this is confirmed or this is confirmed but like we mentioned the disclaimer like this is just brainstorming idea yeah and like we like we wanted to show you what a brainstorming document would look like because we think you would be interested like game developers don't show you brainstorming documents because they're afraid that like community will be like why didn't you put this in or that means this is coming blah blah and then like look too much into it but we just wanted to like show you like this is kind of part of it right so there's like a lot of that kind of stuff in that video so yeah do check it out yeah good video yeah and we didn't really cut anything for that aspect which is nice yeah yeah we just like chose things that worked good and included it so you know consider sharing and stuff too I really want more people to watch it because we work so hard you know like I'm gonna be you know this is this is a little petty but like it's just how I feel all right that that like six things we're not adding to satisfactory like was like one of the biggest videos ever and it was just like it was a good idea but like it was just kind of like a random video that we're just like well whatever and then this video we put so much work into and it's like youtube sensei just didn't didn't didn't share it just didn't share it around so like, yeah yeah it would be great if more people saw that video it's just such a classic like when you post anything online you're like you it's it's like I always see it from my artist friends or like they spent like months working on like this really nice painting and like oh I poured my heart and soul into that I think it's like 10 likes and then they just like posted like a here's a luigi with a long arm and that gets like all I shared yeah that happens like on twitter as well like out you know like our most liked you know tweets and stuff aren't our big milestones they're just dumb like and so aviji here's saying that number chase always disappoints yes absolutely and which is why I like part of me I'm allowing myself to feel the sting of like okay I put a disproportionate amount of work into this and we did not we did worse I'm going to allow myself to feel that sting but also know that I'm really grateful that we did it I think it's a really good video I'm proud of it and the people who have seen it have loved it you know so it's like- I'm good like I feel fulfilled and I'm happy that I did it but like there's still this little bit a little little part of me that kind of burns a little bit when I think about it yeah and I just I just wish the number was bigger but damn it I missed it okay but I was gonna say but at least we got 69 000 views on it but it just got over 70. just got over 70 well cool we got the 70k that's great that's great and I'm like I mean like what am I complaining about 70k is a lot of views yeah you know like anyway I know I know I'm being a little bit petty and a little irrational here but you know it it just is what it is- I agree with you though completely I know exactly what it feels like yeah I'm sure content creators out there will feel when a video does less good than it normally does when you're like but this one should have been good yeah yeah it's just a thing given maybe that's all it needs I'm sure that's there's a lot of cases too and like even people working on satisfactory maybe like there's features that we were hoping people would more excited be more excited about and then like I certainly felt that way when I was working on like networking performance and like I saw this like huge gain and like there's so much better networking performance now nobody talks about that like everyone just like can you make it better though like okay cool yeah yeah yeah but if you play the game from from four months ago you would see a huge improvement but whatever yeah yeah that's just how it goes I guess yeah I guess that's that's how that crumbles all right yeah