March 17th, 2021 Satisfactory Update 4 Patch Notes vid commentary Snutt & Jace Talk: The end plate

March 17th, 2021 Satisfactory Update 4 Patch Notes vid commentary

Snutt & Jace Talk: The end plate



the snow is back for some reason oh by the way i have something really funny to show you one second hardly any of those dogs were harmed during the making this video okay yeah hardly any what do you want to show do you want me to show your uh uh stream yes you can you can share whenever i just need to be sharing right now the is it this one so that ending slate is made by pontus um that's just one of our ui designers yeah he's made like pretty much like all the uh where'd he go okay he's made like pretty much all the uh not all but like a lot of the design on like the the ui of the like constructor or not the constructor like the the parts were when you're looking at at the ui for buildings there's like flare to the ui you know like the the particle accelerator it has like that blue glowy thing and like the uh like that stuff he's made a bunch of that stuff so so um i just really i just needed like really can you really quickly just give me like the like some good font or something for the end slate using the logo or whatever and then i sent in like the clip just that's end segment because i couldn't send him the whole video and he was like dude i'm getting like insane like inspiration ad vibe from this i'm like i'm assuming that's not what you're going with right and i'm like no not really but he's like but he made this uh i don't know if i'm audio here but whatever uh what what are you showing or are you not showing it on stream maybe i'm showing what you're showing yeah oh okay yeah yeah so here it is so this is what the end slate almost looked like no it's better than what what it is now blah blah blah all right i'll show you guys what the actual ending was one moment okay here we go bye much better yeah actually very close to youtube's dark theme background by the way very very close i've checked it he said the the hex to me but i can't remember us it was very very close yeah yeah that's the trailer